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Acoustics, Music, and Science

Most of these articles are technical, but are great reading. If you are a student doing research on modern acoustics, music, or the physics of music then this is a great place to start. If you just want to gain a greater understanding of why you horn plays wonderful melodies instead of honking like a goose, then have a read!

Introduction to the acoustics of brass instruments MUS150: Musical Acoustics (Stanford Univ)
Acoustical Data on Clarinets
The Acoustical Evolution of Wind Instruments
Diagrams and Slides on the Acoustics of Various Clarinets
Summary Notes on the Mathematical Theory of Fingerholes, as Applicable to Clarinets
Resonance Between Reed and Pipe Resonance Frequencies and the Playing Frequency of a Reed-Pipe Combination
Studies in the Physical Acoustics of Musical Instruments
Brass Wind Instrument Impulse Response Measurements
Calculating the Spectrum of a Struck Piano String
Thirty-six Transcendent Studies for Trumpet, Cornet, and Flugel Horn In Bb
Interactions Between the Player's Windway and the Air Column of a Musical Instrument
Ocillations in Clarinet Like Systems
On Radiation From a Fiddle-box As It Is Influenced By the Main Air Resonance
Perturbation Theory and Its Application to Musical Air Column Adjustment
Practical Acoustics for Technicians
egister Hole Design For Cone Woodwinds
The NX Clarinet
The Subject of Mutes
The Coprion Bell
Instrument Metals
General Chemical and Physical Properties
Introduction to Saxophone Acoustics
Flute Acoustics
Acoustics of Reed Woodwinds
Didjeridu acoustics
Violin Acoustics
Guitar Acoustics
Vocal Tract Acoustics
Pipes and Harmonics
How Do Woodwind Instruments Work?
Flutes vs Clarinets
Helmholtz Resonance
Note names, MIDI numbers and frequencies
Interference beats and Tartini tones
Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the musician's uncertainty principle
Acoustical investigation of the cornetto
Bore reconstruction by pulse reflectometry and its potential for the taxonomy of brass instruments
Input impedance measurements on wind instruments using pulse reflectometry
The development of a modular paradigm for the physical modelling of musical instruments 
Measuring the human voice: Analysing pitch, timing and voice quality in mother/infant communication
Using pulse reflectometry to compare the evolution of the cornet and the trumpet in the 19th and 20th centuries
Acoustical comparison of bassoon crooks
Acoustic pulse reflectometry in musical wind instrument research
Thesis: Acoustic pulse reflectometry for the measurement of musical wind instruments
Wall vibrations in wind instruments
Have you ever found an oboe and wondered where it came from?


Hyper Physics: Music
The Acoustic Research Group


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