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Audiophile DIY Links

Last Modified: March 28, 2012

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DIY Electronics is for the beginner as well as the advanced DIYer. Here is where you will learn how to solder not only basic circuits, but also SMD's and IC's. Almost all aspects of DIY electronics are covered, as well as the audiophile components and construction.
DIY Audio Here we address only audio. Almost all pages here are original TEWM pages.
DIY Guitar A lot of links and some original TEWM pages.
Fundamentals of Audio The nuts-and-bolts of audio. A total of 38 pages, with a lot of great illustrations.
DIY Audiophile Links This is the most comprehensive link index for DIY audiophile kits, instructions, schematics, computer audiophiles, and more.
DIY Synthesizers A lot of links and some original TEWM pages.
DIY Recording To help keep things organized I had to break the recording from the audio index.
Links Home Recording
Multimedia Articles a list of PDFs that will familiarize you on codecs for audio and video, XML, multimedia coding standards, etc.
Acoustics, Music, and Science an extensive list of PDFs that address the research on modern acoustics, music, or the physics of music.

Optimize Your Existing Mac for Audio
Build an Affordable Music/Audio Server with the all NEW NM24 Tube DAC

DIY Parts, Kits, and Instructions

Links in bold are those we have dealt with and are highly recommend.

Aleph-X Amp Construction Notes
AMB Laboratories DIY amps, headphone amps, DAC's, PS, etc.
AmpsLAB Some serious solidstate kits.
AnalogMetric A great selection of amplifier, pre-amp, power amps, USB DAC, power supply kits and much more and is easily one of the best supply depots for the DIY audiophile. They also sell transistors, ICs, capacitors, resistors, diodes, heat sinks and chassis.
APJ Audio (U.K. Kits and Various Parts)
Armonia Hi-Fi Audio Equipment
Asano Amp Kit Mr.Isamu Asano is the Godfather of Japanese amp builders.
Aspen Amplifiers (DIY Minimalist Amplifier Kits)
Audio Asylum A great resource site
Audio DAC Page A kit that represents 5 years of work with 4 persons, who tried to create good digital sound.
The Audio Circuit (Separate Files on Different Component Types, Manufactured and DIY)
Audio Design The few kits they do have appear to be worth trying. Monoblocs, line pream, and headphone amplifier and all use valves.
Audio Design Guide Some great projects
Audio Isolation Sandbox for Turntable
Audio Note Some hi-end DAC, amp, preamp, and speaker kits. Top of the list.
Audio Sector provides some high-end chip amp, and amp projects.
Audio Valves An incredible listing of links.
Avondale Audio Some kits, but a lot of components
Bartolomeo Aloia Kits His reputation preceeds him.
Bastanis (SET Friendly speakers and kits from Germany)
Bauls Audio (U.S. Distributor of Bastanis and other DIY kits)
Beezer Home of TooleAudio and the Millett Max
Bent Audio (Unique Passive Linestages and Transformers including Kits and DIY)
Borbely Audio. They pride themselves in providing hi-end yet economically priced kits.
Bottlehead (A sexy DIY site with headphone amp kits, pre-amp kits, amplifier kits, parts and more. For the true audiophile who loves hot gear, and a great place to start.)
Capilano Hornspeakers (SET Friendly DIY and manufactured speakers, from Canada)
Chris VenHaus DIY Silver Interconnects (A great interconnect)
Chimera Labs (Various cables, an interesting 300B SET amp, plus DIYparts)
Common Sense Audio (DIY or Complete SET-Friendly Speakers)
Crafty (Dutch based DIY parts, plus speakers amps etc.)
Curcio Audio Engineering (DIY Tube Parts and Kits, plus repairs of Dynaco and Beveridge ESL)
DDAC Audiophile projects and high-end DIY DACs, loudspeakers, and tube amps.
Decware (PopularKits)
design build listen DIY HiFi Components and kits.
DIY Audio (DIY Forum "For Fanatics")
DIY Audio.de Build your own high end DACs and amplifiers.
DIY Audio Site with some very nice, well though out projects.
DIY Club Some great stuff from the UK.
DIY Forums A lot of emphasis on Millet
DIY HiFi Supply (Kits, tubes, including TJ 300B "Mesh", and rare, very high-quality parts for DIY)
DIY Paradiso Don't let the site's design scare you off.
DIY Plans and Instructions (Various plans for DIY projects)
Dynaco-doctor They do provide some modules for the Dynaco
ECP Audio Watch this space for one-off designs and surplus parts for sale, and of course for new D.I.Y. projects.
Electronics Lab. Many different projects from audio to test and measurement. Good place for beginners.
Elliot Sound Products. Almost an overwhelming list of circuits, some you can buy the PCB, for almost any DIY project you could think of.
First Watt Pass gets personal. Great resource site for DIY
Glass Jar Audio Helping the Audio DI'y community one projedct at a time.
GlassWare Audio Design Software Some great DIY for the tube lover
Hagerman Technology A wide range of some great DIY kits. Headphone amp, LP to USB converter, MC headamp, USB-to-S/PDIF converter, DAC, Linestage, etc.
Hawthorne Audio (High Effiency Dual-Concentric Drivers and DIY Projects)
hificollective Another great site out of the UK.
How to Slave a CD Player: High end audio DAC by LessLoss
iFixit If you need anything for you Mac, iPod, or iPhone or specialized tools, instructions, and an active forum addressing various Apple questions (3300 as of this writing.)
Jitters.de Learn something about jitter, why it exists, how it is generated and what you can do to avoid it.
K&K Audio Lundahl audio transformer & audio kits.
Lampizator by Fikus (DIY Tube and Digital Upgrades from Europe)
LC Audio Technology Some upgrade kits for CD players. If you get the German page then Google 'LC Audio' and it will link you to a translated page.
Linkwitz Lab (DIY/Factory built "Orion", "Pluto" & other Speakers-highly admired by Peter Aczel of The Audio Critic)
Loudspeakers by Miro (DIY Speakers and Assistance, Dynamic and Ribbon Drivers)
Metrum Acoustics (Dutch based DIY Electrostatics)
Michael Percy Audio (Good selection of high-quality DIY parts)
Millett Hybrid Maxed A great DIY headphone amp
Music and Design (DIY Speaker Instructions and Parts)
Nutshell HiFi (Importers of DACT and some DIY)
Octave Electronics (Been around since 1995. Not a very user friendly site so use the Site Map.)
OddWatt (DIY tube amp kits)
PASS DIY/First Watt (DIY, Kits and Articles from Nelson Pass)
Professional Audio DIY (DIY Kits from Ireland; inexpensive transistor amps and power supplies)
RecProAudio DIY Pro Audio
Ridax Everything you would need for your DIY iPod project.
Quadesl A lot of DIY to choose from: DACs, speakers, software, etc.
Sarris Resources for DIY audio power tube amplifiers, DIY loudspeakers
Shackman Electrostatics (Electrostatics and DIY Projects from Germany)
Sonic Craft (DIY parts for kits and modifications, including their own Teflon Capacitors)
Spica Speaker Enthusiast (Information, Projects and repairs of Spica Speakers)
STF Electronics Kits, Hammond Trannys, and various components.
Supravox (A French company with a growing reputation for excellent DIY drivers and speakers)
TangentSoft Kits and tutorials
Tempest Audio (DIY Speaker Parts and Kits from Holland)
TentLabs DIY DAC and modules
Transcendent Sound Kits and assembled, low cost-high performance, but even then their kits can cost thousands!
TRT-Wonder Caps (InfiniCaps and DynamiCaps, plus Wonder wire and solder)
Tubes 4 hifi Been refining their kits since 1988.
Twisted Pear Audio DIY ESS Saber 32-bit DACs, and more.
Velleman Inc Kits and tools.
VH Audio (Teflon and Oil Capacitors, Wire, Cords and Cables)
Welborne Labortories DIY components, kits and factory assembled hi-fi gear.
Wood Horn (DIY Horn Speakers)
Yamamoto Sound Both kits and finished components. Some excellent analog parts.

Suppliers: Parts, Cables, Tools, etc.

Links in bold are those we have dealt with and are highly recommend.

A-M Systems, Inc: (Supplier of Teflon insulated silver wire)
Audience Teflon Capacitors (A new Teflon Capacitor that appears interesting)
Audiohum Since more than 9 years ago we have been offering the best electronic components for audio, improving our catalogue of extreme quality components for audio.
Cable Organizer (A great heatshrink and braided sleeving selection)
Digi-Key (Make a couple of purchases and they will send you their huge 3000 page catalog for free. Go with First Class shipping and save big)
Electronix Express (Tools and parts)
Heatshrink.com (Want to guess?)
HiFi - Tuning
Homegrown Audio Co. (Supplier of Teflon insulated silver wire, braided wire, and silver cable terminators)
Jensen Capacitors (High quality components)
LC Audio Tecnolog LC Audio develops modules and accessories for high-end audio projects.
McMaster Carr: Supplier of Teflon spaghetti tubing for insulating bare wire
Michael Percy Audio. Supplier of all types of high end, exotic, and esoteric components
Mouser Electronic Parts...can be overwhelming, but they will send you a 1500 page catalog for free)
MPJA Online (Lots of parts and tools.)
Myron Toback Inc. (Cables supplies)
Parts Connexion A great source of parts for the audiophile.
Parts Express (More parts, etc.)
Small Parts
SilverSupplies.com (Ailver wire for DIY work)
Tempo Electric (Pure ailver audio cables and everything to construct your own cables)
The Bolder Cable Company (Support the locals)
Triode USA Electron Tubes, Tube Amplifier Parts, and DIY Tube Amp Kits
TubeDepot (Great selection and fast service)
Tubes and More A lot of components
VH Audio (Some great parts and excellent service)

Digital Audio Basics

Audio Compression Algorithm Overview
Perceptual Coding of Digital Audio (PDF)
Audio compression (data) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Algorithms in the Real World: Compression
Data Compression with the Burrows-Wheeler Transform
Video and Audio Compression
Video and Audio Compression
Are there algorithms and standards for audio compression?
Lossless audio compression
Lossless audio compression
Tutorial - Basics - Part 1 - Digital Audio
Computer Music Journal
HI-Fi coding and Wireless noise

Direct Sales

Affirm Audio (High Effiency Speakers using Feastrex drivers - Formerly "Maxxhorn")
Airtech (MG-1 Air bearing tonearm-similar to Air Tangent)
Anti-Cables (Possibly excellent value for the money)
Apogee Acoustics (Apogee Ribbon Speakers reincarnated in Australia, with new and more sensitive models)
Aria Audio (New Hybrid Amplifiers from Michael Elliot of Counterpoint fame)
Arthur Loesch Home Audio System (Manufacturer of "a completely integrated playback system")
Artisan Audio (U.K. Importer and Dealer of "Alternative/High Value" Components)
Audio Excellence (Home of the Audiodharma cable cooker)
Audio Crafters Guild
Audio Cubes II (Japanese exporter of high quality cartridges-Denon, Dynavector, Koetsu etc.)
Audiofeil (Stealth Audio cables, Canary Audio, MusicMaker, Hadcock, Atma-sphere, Audience)
Audio Origami (UK Specialist in Tonearm rewiring, plus parts)
Audio Revelation (Origin and Shelter Dealer-Analog Specialist)
Avondale Audio is a small British company of specialist audio engineers who make audiophile amplifiers and power supplies.
BD-Design (DIY Horn Speakers and Electronics from Holland)
Borbely Audio Specializes in hi-end yet "economically priced equipment."
Brilliance Hi-Fi (Assorted Audio and Video Cables from the U.K.)
Burson Audio (Inexpensive, minimalist transistor electronics, plus DIY parts and modules from Australia)
The Cartridge Man (Cartridge Repair and "Music Maker" Cartridge)
Channel Islands Audio (A passive/active preamp, plus other electronics reasonably priced)
Denon Specifications (For a Variety of Phono Components)
EIFL-Koji (Shelter and Denon Cartridges-From Japan)
Electronic Visionary Systems (Source of "Ultimate Attenuators", which can eliminate line stages)
Extreme Phono (Cetech-Improved subchassis for Linn Sondek LP-12)
Galen Carol Audio (Denon Cartridges/Origin Importer)
Galibier Design (An "offshoot" of the Redpoint Turntable Designs)
Graham Slee
GSP Audio (Phono stages and head amplifiers)
Hagerman Technology (Tube Phono Stages and Reverse RIAA Device)
Herbies Audio Lab (Tube Dampers, Isolation Devices)
hifi Collective More audiophile grade components
High Water Sound (NYC Retailer and Importer of TW-Acustic, Horning, Aspara, Tron, Thoress and SilverTone)
Juicy Music (Tube Preamplifiers from the original owner of Paragon)
K&K Audio Lundahl audio transformers and audio kits. Some nice kits.
KAB Electro Acoustics (U.S. based Phono Specialists)
Less Loss (Some beautiful engineering)
McAlister Audio (Wide Variety of Tube Electronics, located in Ontario, Canada)
Mapleshade (Cables, isolation devices and stands, modified vintage tube equipment)
Marchand Electronics Inc. Products include electronic crossover networks, both solid state and vacuum tube, and modular audio amplifiers, but kits may be eliminated.
Minus-K (Advanced and custom isolation platforms for turntables and CD players)
Monarchy Audio "High end audio at low cost." Truly some great gear at low prices...made in USA.
Morrison Audio (Unique point-source, omni-directional speakers, plus line preamp)
Mother of Tone (Minimalist, battery powered amplifier, DAC and ADC from Germany)
Musical Paradise (Canadian company with high value tube amplifiers from China)
My Audio Cables (Interconnect, Speaker and AC Cables at reasonable prices)
Norman Koren Vacuum Tube Audio A resource for designing tube amplifiers with SPICE simulation
Odyssey Audio (Epiphony speaker is similar to Spica TC-50, preamps, amps, cables etc.)
Quality Kits A wide range of kits, but not limited to audio.
Origin Live (Denon Cartridges, Rega Tonearms-Modified, Phono Accessories)
Oswalds Mill Audio (Interesting & Different Idler-Wheel Turntable, SET Amplifier and Horns)
Pass Laboratories (Direct sales of their designs)
Perfect Sound (Specialists in spare parts for the classic Garrard 301 and 401 turntables)
PhonoPhono (A German source for the Denon DL103 cartridge and other phono components)
Promitheus Audio (Transformer passive preamp, plus phono stage, cables and amplifiers from Malaysia)
Redgum Audio (Various electronics, CD players and Speakers from Australia)
Revelation Audio Labs (Assorted Cables-Analog, digital, speaker and power)
Sakura Systems Zen and audio
SAS Audio (Tube Preamps and power amps)
Song Audio (SET Amplifiers and Preamps, made in Canada)
SORA Sound (ZYX Cartridges, phono stage and step-up plus Graham and Tri-Planar tonearms)
Soundsmith (Strain Gauge Cartridge plus Electronics and Speakers)
Star Sound (Sonoran Cables and "Resonance Energy Transfer Products")
Supersonido (A Spanish retailer who sells Denon 103 cartridges)
3 Dimension Audio (They "build hand-crafted tube amplifiers to specific customer requirements.")
TentLabs Modules and modifications
Teresonic (High-Efficiency & Single-Driver Speakers and SET Amplifiers)
Terminator Tonearm (Linear, air-bearing tonearm "at budget cost")
TNT Audio
Transcendent Sound (Proven OTL Amps, Preamps, Phono Stage, DIY Kits, Tube Analyzer and a Helpful Message Board)
Translucent Audio (Interconnects, Speaker and Digital Cables)
TubeDepot Kits and parts
2B Audio (An inexpensive tube amplifier made in China)
Vacuum State (Interesting and Innovative Audio Electronics and modifications by Allen Wright)
Audio by Van Alstine (Quality components and modifications, reasonable prices, decades of experience)
Vaughn Audio (SET Amplifier made in USA)
Walker Audio (Turntable, SST Contact Enhancer, Isolation Devices)
Xerocomm Audio They offer kits from several manufactures that include Hawk Audio, Audio Note, OddWatt, Sander Sound Systems, ERA Audio, Tentlabs and DIY HiFi Supply.

DIY Turntables

Redpoint Audio Design (A further development of the Teres DIY Turntable Project)
Teres Audio (DIY High-Quality Turntables)
Turntable Belts-Elex Atelier (A source for rare turntable belts)

Manufacturers and Distributers

Acoustic Signature (Precision Turntables manufactured in Germany)
Acoustic Solid (Interesting German Turntables)
AcuHorn (SET friendly, point source, dipole horn speakers, with no crossover, from Europe)
Air Tangent
Aspara Acoustics (U.K. Manufacturer of the HL1 high-efficency horn speaker)
Atma-sphere Music Systems
Audible Illusions
AUDIOPAX (Amplifiers, speakers and a preamp from a highly talented and innovative Brazilian designer)
Avid Turntables (Acutus)
David Berning Amplifiers (Unique, innovative designs)
Bertrand Audio
Brentworth Sound Lab (Crossoverless and High-efficiency speakers)
The Cable Company Everything you need for DIY cables and more.
Canary Audio (High quality tube amps and preamps)
Cavalli Audio Cavalli Audio is the home for audio designs by Alex Cavalli.
Coincident Speaker Technology
Counterpoint/Michael Elliott
Dedicated Audio
deHavilland Amplifiers (Innovative and Reasonably Priced SET Designs)
Divergent Technology (Distributor for Antique Sound Labs "Hurricane")
Eminent Technology (Air-bearing tonearm, Planar speakers and unique "Rotary" Subwoofer- 1Hz!)
En Vogue Quasar Turntable
FAL Speakers (Japanese high efficiency speaker manufacturer)
Graham Engineering (The New Phantom B-44 and their other famous pivoted tonearms)
Grandprix Audio (A highly innovative turntable plus isolation stands
Janszen Loudspeaker (Self-powered Electrostatic speakers from a legendary name)
Jasmine Audio (Chinese manufacturer of tube electronics, speakers and cables)
Jensen Capacitors (Some great/hi-quality products)
KR Audio (Tubes, amplifiers, preamplifiers)
Lansche Audio (Speaker with IonTweeter from Germany)
Loricraft (Garrard 501, 301/401 upgrades and serious record cleaning machines)
Manley Labs
Marchand Electronics
Michell GyroDec/Orbe Turntables
ModWright Instruments (SACD Modifications plus tube preamplifiers)
MSB Technology
Musical Sounds (North American Importer of Acoustic Solid Turntables and other brands)
Octave Electronics Yet another supplier of caps
Oracle Turntables
Parts Connection Great selection of audiophile grade capacitors
Peak Consult (Danish speaker manufacturer)
Pear Cable (Interconnects + some relevant information)
Pete Millett's DIY Audio Pages An excellent resource site
Podium Sound (Panel Speakers with high efficiency, made in England)
QUAD (Germany)
Sakura Systems (Home of 47 Labs)
Silversmith Audio
Sonist (SET friendly speakers, reasonably priced, from California)
SOTA Turntables (They offer direct sales on "refurbished" and "B-stock" models)
Supra Cables (Swedish manufacturer of inexpensive cables of possible high quality)
Supratek (Hand Built Tube Preamplifiers and Amplifiers)
Tone Imports (The North American Importer and Distributor for Shindo Labs, Auditorium 23, Leben Hi-Fi, Euphya Audi and EMT)
Tom Evans Audio Design (Innovative Phono Stages, Line Stages and Amplifiers-UK based)
Townshend Audio (Unique Turntables, Isolation devices, speaker, super tweeter, etc)
Transmission Audio (Amazing Variety of Full Ribbon and Hybrid Speakers from Sweden)
Tri-Cell Enterprises (A Canadian distributor of numerous interesting lines)
TubeDepot Kits and parts
Van den Hul
VPI Industries
Wavelength Audio (Advanced SET Designs, RS Labs)
WLM Loudspeakers (High-Efficiency Speakers and custom electronics from Germany)
Wyetech Labs
V-Cap Capacitors They make some hi-quality caps
VT4C This site has projects, a tube database, and a great store

Repairs and Modifications

Cardas Audio Modify CD player.
CIH Audio Repair (A repair center just north of Tampa, Florida, with "electronic technicians and engineers")
Curcio Audio Engineering (DIY Tube Parts and Kits, plus repairs of Dynaco and Beveridge ESL)
Krell Service (Specialists for all vintage Krell products)
Music Technology (Conrad Johnson repairs and upgrades, plus SACD upgrades)
OneThingAudio (Replacement panels and complete refurbishment of Quads 57 & 63)
Response Audio (Modification Services-Specialists in Jolida and ASL Hurricane)
SACD Mods ("Professional Upgrades" for various popular SACD players)
Service Department (Warranty service for Chord, Exposure, Vintage Krell, Parasound and GamuT)
TentLabs Modules and modifications

Magazines and Websites

Affordable Audio (Specializing in Entry-Level components, including DIY and Vintage)
Analog Lovers (A website dedicated to Analog sources and "lovers")
AudioAsylum (The Audio Asylum is a free, independent resource made available to you by a small volunteer group of audio lunatics.)
The Audio Perfectionist (The editor is very experienced and also my clone concerning mainstream audio magazines)
Bound for Sound (No ads, and it shows)
Boston Audio Society (Includes some relevant technical articles)
Dagogo (Audio reviews and reports)
Enjoy the Music ("Mainstream" and "commercial", but their Show Reports and the reviews of tubes and parts have value)
Greek Audiophile Club
Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg (Fascinating and Informative Articles and Essays from the late and missed Audio "Professor")
International Audio Review (IAR)
Romy The Cat's Site (A Unique and Avantgarde view of music reproduction)
6 Moons Webzine (Good for finding new, innovative manufacturers, but NOT really critical)
Stereomojo (A new audio webzine that has actual shootouts and doesn't pull its punches)
10 Audio (An Interesting Audio Review Webzine)
TNT-Audio (An improved version of Soundstage)
Vacuum Tube Valley (Highly informative, but beware of their increasing commercial conflicts)

Audio Link Hubs and Information

The Analog Department (Large Thorens area, with manuals, drawings, tips and hints etc.)
Andrew's Audio (An Incredible Amount of Links)
The Anstendig Institute (Thoughtful Essays on Audio, Home Theater and other subjects)
Audio Tools
Audio Voice Acoustics (A Forum for Horn Enthusiasts, including some DIY Discussion)
The Cartridge Database (A huge database of Phono Cartridges and Tonearms)
Daily Audiophile (They list what well-known audio websites are currently reporting on)
Denon 103 Pickups (Pictures/Short Descriptions in German)
QUADESL.ORG (Important Information about the QUAD ESL)
Steve Ekblad's Audio Links (Extremely Large and Complete)
Single-Ended Triode Links Page
Thorens Information (In German-but answers in English are possible)
Vinyl Engine (Articles and Manuals to download-"Forums" are sadly dominated by "Linnies")
One Electron Many schematics for tons of gear.

Audio Discussion Groups

Audio Asylum, Tube Asylum and Vinyl Asylum Etc.
Audigon (Best "Analog Discussion" and "Used Component" section)
Head-Fi.Org (Headphone Coverage and Discussion, along with other components)
HiFi Hock (U.S. based "Audio Trading Place" with Forums)

LP'S-New and Used

Classic Recordings
Deadwax Cafe/Phonogram Phonogram is a unique blend of esoteric information, naked egotism and pure "BS"
Record Collecting Resources
Vinyl Connections (LPs from the UK, sale and auction)

DIY: OS Audio and Music Servers

Here is the ultimate source to Optimizing OS X for Audio
[RFI] Stereo/audio EMC question
Mac Mini Model A1347 Teardown - iFixit
The dB Audio Labs Tranquility DAC - Wow!
Instrument engineers' handbook ... - Google Books
STEWMAC.COM : Conductive Shielding Paint
Tools Featuring Rhythmbox Integration
Building the ultimate Linux-based music server - Linux For Devices Articles - Linux for Devices
How to install and setup Jinzora (streaming media server) in OS X – Simple Help
Mac OS X Audio • View topic - Macmini server for audio?
Mac OS X Audio • Index page
CommonSense Audio
How to setup a Mac Mini Media Center, server, and remote torrents box
wazmac || OSX Server Utilities
Unable to Launch Midi Server - macosx.com
Cubase vs. Logic « earpick archive
Tweaks for Audio
PSP + Airtunes + Coverbuddy
Mac OS X Server Greylisting
Mac Mini server-OS on one drive, music files on second? [Text View] - AVS Forum
Isolation Feet
Acoustics 101...Practical guidelines for building a sound studio, listening room, home theater room, and any other sound Control room project.
AudioXplorer - Sound analyzer for Mac OS X
Audio Apps OSX
Music Software: Oscilloscopes (Shareware Music Machine)
iMSO-104 | Oscium
DIY usb cable
DIY USB for audio
Shell Scripting in OS X
A suite of shell scripts for FLACs and MP3s - Mac OS X Hints
40 Useful Mac OS X Shell Scripts and Terminal Commands
40 Useful Mac OS X Shell Scripts and Terminal Commands
Introduction to Open Source Scripting on Mac OS X
Mac OS X Command Line Audio Player | TechSource
USB.org - Cable Assembly Test Requirements
USB.org - Low and Full-Speed Peripheral Test Requirements
USB 2.0 Connectors Product Feature Selector - TE
Epanorama.net/S/PDIF Interface
Technical Specifications for Toslink Digital Audio Optical Cables
Toslink Connectors, Fiber Optics and Termination Tools
Audio Cables – Red Wine Audio
Welcome to Mapletree Audio Design
Audio DIY Page
Technical Articles
dpdt switch wiring - Google Search
USB Audio Clock Recovery, USB Audio Clock, USB Clock Recovery, USB Audio, Digital Audio, Clock Recovery, Computer Audio, PC Audio, Mobile Audio, Portable Audio, Master Clock, Clock Recovery, Sample Rate, USB Interface, Audio, Conversion, USB | Designing modern USB audio systems

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