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Decrypt iTunes Files


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Please do not get the wrong idea. We are opposed to pirating software and remain committed to paying artists for their work. But we also believe that when you purchase media content-whether it is a song a movie, or a TV show--you should have complete freedom to play it on all of your devices as many times as you'd like.

This is a great power, and with it comes great responsibility. It is within your right to copy media for your own use, however, as soon as you give that content to a friend, you're breaking the law and violating the artist's copyright. If artists stop getting paid for their work, they'll stop making it, and we'll miss out on the music and movies we love. Extracted from MaximumPC.

Even Steve Jobs hates DRM, so in his honor, we’ll show you how to decrypt tracks you buy from his store

You’ve bought a ton of music from the iTunes Store, but when you bought a non-Apple player, you realized you had a problem--your new player can’t play any of the tracks you purchased through Tunes. Never fear, it’s easy enough to decrypt your music files to play on any device--you just need the right tools.

It’s always been possible to burn your tracks to audio CD and then rerip them, but it’s a pretty serious pain in the ass. After you rip the tracks to MP3, you need to type in all the 1D3 information for every track. Also, recompressing the tracks introduces errors, which diminishes the quality of your audio. Like we said, it’s a real hassle.

QTFairUse sidesteps the FairPlay encryption in iTunes files by pulling the unencrypted AAC-formatted track from memory before it’s decompressed. Then it tacks the song’s artist, title, and album info onto the new file and replace the old protected file in iTunes with your new protectionless file.

QTFairUse6 wifi let you decrypt your Tunes Music Store purchases.

To make it work, all you need to do is install QTFairUse, start iTunes, then run QTFairUse6.exe. You have two options:

You can either have it go through your iTunes database and automatically convert all your protected files or change them one at a time. If you have trouble getting the app to decrypt your files, try starting iTunes before you load the application.

You’ll also need to use a specific version of iTunes; version 2.5 of QTFairUse6 won’t work with versions of iTunes newer than 7.02.
It’s a good idea to flip the toggle in QTFairUse6 that backs up your original encrypted files. In the past, Apple has used different tricks to disable playback of decrypted songs. You may need to re-decrypt the original files at some point in the future.
You should also know that there’s currently no way to decrypt video files purchased from iTunes. Of course, the easy way to avoid all these problems is to simply not purchase music or video from online stores that use digital rights management. That means you’re stuck buying DVDs, CDs, or unencrypted MP3s from a store such as eMusic.

iTunes 7.02
www.itunes.com or http://www.oldapps.com/tunes.htm

Here is a link to QTFairUse6 ver 2.5 is free. You can also Google it.

If QTFairUse6 does not work, then try Hymn.


Hymn The purpose of the Hymn Project is to allow you to exercise your fair-use rights under copyright law. The various software provided on this web site allows you to free your iTunes Music Store purchases (protected AAC / .m4p) from their DRM restrictions with no loss of sound quality. These songs can then be played outside of the iTunes environment, even on operating systems not supported by iTunes and on hardware not supported by Apple.

QTFairUse6 Currently QTFairUse6, created by IgorSK, is the only working solution for decrypting iTunes music.

This is an archive of older versions of various Hymn Project software. Look for the latest versions of the software on the main download page

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