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Add an Icon to Your URL

To add an icon to your URL

  1. You need an icon. You can do this one of three ways.
  2. Save the icon created above to your site. Using the code below, you will want to save the icon in the directories where the pages that will be using the icon are stored.
  3. Note the name of my icon...brainbombicon.ico
  4. Add the line below to your page...note the location within the <head>...</head>
  5. <head>
    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="brainbombicon.ico" /> </head>

Don't forget put/ upload the MyIicon.ico to the root directory of your site so that browsers will find it. You will not see immediate results. It will take some time for the icon to actually appear in your URL...just be patient.


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