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Join Tracks in iTunes

Let your music flow without gaps between tracks.


Many music CDs contain songs that blend into each other. Two perfect examples are Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd and Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche. The only problem is when you import these CDs into iTunes, small gaps are inserted between songs that interrupts the flow of the album. If you use the iTunes Join CD Tracks feature, the program melds two or more songs into one, continuous gap-free track. So now you can enjoy listening to classical music, concept rock albums and extended dance mixes without the speed bumps of silence between tracks.

Do these situations sound familiar?

"I'm trying to get the tracks on "dark side of the moon" by pink floyd to flow (merge) together like they do on the original cd. I want to join the tracks. You know, no annoying spaces between songs! Can i do this in itunes?" ~ Ed S.

"I have many albums that do not have gaps between the tracks. When I rip these CD's to mp3 format and play them on the iPods I get a small gap between tracks. Is there any way to reduce these gaps to 0 length, so that the album plays continuously as it was originally recorded?" ~ Ian "Several of the songs I have purchased on iTunes are essentially parts one and two of the same song (ex - Chicago's Dialogue). Is there any way to permanently join these tracks so they will always play in sequence? I am using iTunes version 4 on a Widows based PC." ~ Writeaway

Let's merge the tracks:

1. Insert the CD that contains the music you want to merge. If you have a bunch of random songs you want to merge together then burn them to a CD first. Just in case, set the gap to zero seconds.


2. Select the CD in your iTunes Source window. Highlight the songs you want to join on the CD (not on your iPod or your iTunes Library!)

3. Look under the Advanced menu in iTunes for 'Join CD Tracks'.


4. Your tracks will now become one. If you run into any problems, double check that you have the latest version of iTunes installed.

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