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Videography and Cinematography Basics 


I. DO NOT “FIREHOSE” THE CAMERA! – Control Your Shots!

When you wave the camera around without picking out your shots (see below) it will make people dizzy

Shot Selection: Video is a close-up medium – use close-ups and medium shots when possible

Three basic shots

Six camera moves

Shot selection and moves: Decide what kind of shot to start with, and what kind of shot to end with.

For example: Hold Long Shot > Zoom In > Hold Close Up

EYE CONTACT: Want good video when you’re shooting people? Make eye contact while you’re shooting! 


Always shoot close-ups!
Additional close-ups and medium shots will save you during editing and make your program more interesting!

Composition and Framing


Left Arrow: The Rule of ThirdsarrowLeft Arrow: The Rule of Thirds 




III. MICROPHONES AND GOOD AUDIO: If you can’t hear it you can’t use it!



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