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Adding Non-Flash (.flv) Videos to Web Pages


You can add video to your web page in different ways and using different formats. Video can be downloaded to the user or it can be streamed so that it plays while it is downloading.

1. Place the clip in your site folder.

These clips are often in the AVI or MPEG file format.
2. Link to the clip or embed it in your page. To embed, a video file, you can use embed tags, as follows:

<embed src="FILE NAMIE.AVI" width="PXL COUNT" height="PXL COUNT"></embed>

To link to the clip, enter text for the link such as “Download Clip”, select the text, and click the folder icon in the Property inspector. Browse to the video file and select it.
Note: The user must download a helper application (a plug-in) to view common streaming formats like Real Media, QuickTime, and Windows Media.


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