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Creating Flash Rollover Text

Objective:  This tutorial will demonstrate how to insert a rollover flash text using Dreamweaver.

1)  Open or create a document on Macromedia Dreamweaver.

2)  Scroll your mouse to the top of the screen and select "insert" and scroll down to "Media".  Once that is selected another menu will appear, which you should choose the "flash text option"


3)  Now a window dialog box will appear on your screen.  In the top portion of this dialog box you will see some fields which needs to be completed.  Choose a font font he drop down list on "fonts". 


4)  Choose a size for your text, as well as the background color and rollover color for it as well. When choosing colors for anything in this window a pallet appears which allows you to choose form a variety of web safe colors.

5)  In the bottom portion of that same dialog box will be a place to link that roll over flash text to another web page or portion of your website.


6)  Where it says link type in the url (addy) of where it is going to be linked to and choose the target form the drop down menu below that.


7)  At almost the bottom of this window you will see a choice marked Bg Color.  This is going to be the color of the background for your flash.  Once you have selected your color you can exit the window by clicking on "ok" and returning to your document.


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