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Creating Buttons Using Dreamweaver

By: CivicCX

Objective: This tutorial will teach you how to insert easy flash buttons form Dreamweaver into a new or an existing website, and how to link them to a web page.

Step 1)

Open up or create a new Macromedia Dreamweaver document.

Step 2)

Scroll your mouse to the top of the screen and select "Insert" and scroll down to "Interactive Images". A new menu will pop up and select "Flash Button", and click once over the option.


Step 3)

A dialog box will then appear, here is where you are going to choose which button you want to insert and where you want to link it too.


Step 4)

Choose an option next to the word style, these are your choices of styles to apply for your button.

Step 5)

Beneath this you will see a section call "Button Text". Next to this write the text you want to appear on your button itself.

Step 6)

You can also customize your font by choosing a different one form the drop down menu which can be found below the Button Text Entry.

Step 7)

Now to link the button to another website or a page within your website choose the link section and click on browse. Browse through your computer and find the page you want to link it too. (If you want to link it to a website just type the url directly into the box.


Step 8)

Underneath link you will see an option called "Target" this will tell the button where to display the page it is linking too.


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