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Creating Pop-up Windows From a Rollover Image


In this tutorial I will show you how to create a Popup Windows from a Rollover Image Button. I assume that you already read a previous tutorial for Rollover Image Buttons. If you don't know how to create a Rollover Image Button, please feel free to read that tutorial.

Now I straight to the Popup Windows Tutorial. Open your file in Dreamweaver. Create a table for positioning your button. See image below.

Screen 1

Click on 1st column of your table and go to Insert>Image Objects>Rollover Image. Select you image button for Original and Rollover. For When clicked, Go to URL, leave it blank. See picture shown below.

Screen 2

If you’re done with that, we move to another steps.

Click the button image, go to Windows>Behaviors. Look at your right side. You’ll see a Behaviors Section there. Click a Plus button and select Open Browser Window. See picture below.

Screen 3

On URL to display, fill it with your link. For window width and height, you can choose what size that you like. You may also put any attributes that you want to. Name it the Window name. See picture below.

Screen 4

Click OK and now you’re done. See examples that I create below. Test that button and my popup window will show up.

At last but not least another latest artwork has been done. Wish that this tutorial will benefit you in a designing’s world. Good Luck and Congratulation to anyone that done this tutorial. Please spend your time by surfing at www.vatos-x.com for more tutorials. We update recently and new tutorials will be added on every month.


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