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Linking an Image

By: CivicCX


This tutorial is designed to teach you how to insert an image into Macromedia Dreamweaver and Link it to a website.

1) Create a new or open up an existing website on Macromedia Dreamweaver.img

2) Go up to you main toolbar on the top of the screen and click Insert, then scroll down to image. 

3)  Another window will pop up after selecting Image on the Insert toolbar. On the top of this window it will read "Select File"  Browse through your computer documents and locate the file which you want to link to a website.  Highlight that file and press  Select what you are completed.


4) You image will then appear in the Macromedia Dreamweaver window.  Form here you can resize or reshape you image, to fit where you want it to go on your particular website.


5) Highlight just the image you inserted and want to link and right click on it while it is still selected.

6) Scroll all the way down to Make Link on the menu which pops up.

7) After selecting Make Link one final window will pop up, this is where you enter the URL or address of the website you want to link.  Type in this website address in the URL: command box at the bottom of the window., and hit select.  



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