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Dreamweaver Text Attributes


1)  A font is a type of style for text.  To select a font or use a different font on your particular text open up Dreamweaver.  

2)  Next type in something in the workspace area, or select something you have already written.


3)  Once the text is selected go to Text and down to Font.

4)  Another window will then pop up when selecting font.  Here it gives you the options of selecting a different kind of font.  Place your cursor over top of the font which you want to choose and click once.  This will then make the text you had selected into its new font.

Font Size

1) To edit the font size or to change the font size once again go up to the top of your screen where it says text.  

2)  Click on text and scroll down to Size or Size Change.  Both of these will increase the size of your font.

3)  Choose which ever choice you prefer to change the size of your selected text.  Once clicking on a selection you will be atomically taken back to the workspace are, but your font size will now be different.



Font Styles

A font style is what the font is going to look like.  It is similar to a regular font but basically lets you edit the font that is already there.  Examples of font styles are Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Teletype, Emphasis, Strong, ect.


1)  To access these options go to the menu on the top of your screen where it says text.

2)  Click once on Text and scroll down to what says Styles.

3)  Another menu will appear to the side of Styles, here you can choose any of the options on the list.  Some examples of styles which you can select are shown below.

HTML Styles

A html style are shortcuts which automatically format certain text areas such as Caption, Copyrights, Headlines, Fixed Widths, ect.

1)  To automatically get these formats select text on the top of the main toolbar.

2)  Scroll down to HTML Styles.

3)  Another menu will appear, here you can choose any of these fixed heading.

4)  This can save you time, by using these formats which are automatically built in to Dreamweaver. 




Font Colorimg

1) To adjust the font color view the text toolbar.

2)  Scroll down to Color, and click once.

3)  A panel or window will show up will many different colors.

4) With your text still selected click on the color of your choosing and click okay/select.












Paragraph Alignment

1)  To make the paragraph align either left, right, or center view your text toolbar.

2)  Scroll down to Align, and hover your mouse over it.

img3)  Another window will pop up to the right side of it, with three options.  Left, Center, Right.

4)  Click on the option you prefer.  Once you have clicked on your option it will be shown in the workspace in Dreamweaver.

Indent & Outdent

Indent-  To space a paragraph and or sentence about five spaces ahead of the rest of the paragraph and or sentence.

imgOutdent- To un-space a paragraph and or sentence about five spaces back to align them evenly.

1)  To complete either of these tasks select Text on the top of Dreamweaver program.

2)  Scroll down to either indent or outdent,  click once.

3)  In the workspace below it will show the outdent, or indent.


Spell Checking

If you have typed an entire document and you would like to make sure you have spelled everything correctly follow these simple steps.img

1)  Select the Text toolbar.

2)  Scroll all the way down to the bottom to the last option, which displays Spell Checking.

3)  Click on this, it will the run you through the process of checking all of your words to make sure everything is spelled correctly.





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