Why is it that Musicians Suffer Such an Extraordinary Amount of Physical Discomfort?

A Ten Point Plan for Fitness to Play

Exercises Links Stretch Breaks Preventing and healing

RSI Yoga

* Checklist for RSI Prevention
Full Body Stretch
Forearm wrist twist
Full Body Stretch
Sitting Posture
Opening the Chest
Open your mid-back
Releasing the neck
Release the neck
Torso Twist
Forearm stretch
Stretching the wrist
Stretching the fingers
Stretching the thumb
Saking out tension
Relax eyes & breathe

zNeck and Stretch

Flexion - chin to chest

Active Range of Motion
Gravity Resistance
Hand Resistance
Pillow Resistance

Extension - eyes to sky

Active Range of Motion
Gravity Resistance
Hand Resistance
Pillow Resistance

Rotation - side to side head turning

Active Range of Motion
Hand Resistance

Lateral Flexion - ear to shoulder

Active Range of Motion
Gravity Resistance
Hand Resistance
Pillow Resistance


Musician's Health

Mind Spring Hand Care Exercises ***

The American Tinnitis Association

Hearing Education Awareness for Rockers

Tendonitus Problems of Musicians--Identification, Prevention, and Treatment

Musician Wellness

Musicians and Injuries

H.E.A.R.--Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers

Body Mapping for the Musician

Performing Arts Medicine Association



The Healthy Musician: Injury Prevention and Intervention

Music Therapy

Performing Arts Medicine at Ithaca College

Musicians Injury Clinic

The International Arts-Medicine Assoc.

Musicians and Health

Electric Blues Guide to Musician Health

Upper Limb Disorders in Musicians

Vocalist--Physical Exercises

Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

Musician Health Education (PDF)

Repetitive Strain Injuries Resource


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Exlplantion and Prevention

Explanation and Treatement of Trigger Finger

Prevention of Trigger Finger

Exercise Device for Prevention of CTS and RSI

Relieving Hand Fatigue

Don't Play With Pain

How the Harmonica Helps Your Lungs

Practicing Without the Horn

The Effects of Stress on Music Performance

Overuse Injury in Musicians

Playing From Memory

Music technique


Brass Meets Dentistry


Embouchure for Brass Players


Fitness for Brass

Getting An Ear Full

Handbrace for euphoniums

Hearing protection products

The Morgan Bumper

Musculature - its importance in the playing of brass instruments

Musicians and Inuries


What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body

Westone Laboratories, Inc.

Zaja Musical Products


Guitar Exercises

Note: There are many exercises and pertinent advice for all musicians, not just guitarists!

C-Major Exercises

Flamenco Guitar Exercises

Acoustic Guitar Magazine Exercises

Guitar Exercises--Strength and Speed

Guitar Speed Picking Exercises

Flatpick Guitar Exercises

Spanish Guitar Exercises

Francesco Fareri Guitar Exercises

Warm-up Exercises for Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Scale Exercises

Free Online Guitar Lessons

Guitar Dreams Exercises

Acoustic Guitar Technique

Guitar Notes

Ultimate Guitar Lessons

Folk of the Wood--Acoustic Lessons

The Ultimate Online Guitar Tutor

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Flamenco Guitar Lessons

Guitar Exercises

Guitar Universe Picking Exercises*

Lesson #1, 4/21/98-Chromatic Exercises I* Three Chromatic exercises, great warm-ups

Lesson #2, 7/6/98-Steve Morse Pt.1* Eight examples taken from Steve's Exercise

Lesson #3, 7/7/98-Steve Morse Pt.2* Steve's full length Personal Picking Exercise

Lesson #4, 7/19/98 Economy Picking* A study in Economy Picking

Lesson #5, 7/20/98 Chromatic Octave Exercise* A great right hand exercise.

Lesson #6, 7/21/98 Chromatic Exercises II* Four warm-up/stamina building exercises

Finger-Build Riffs* some good riffs to develop speed and strength

Warm Up Exercises* Use a metronome with all exercises, and use a clean tone. If at anytime your hands or forearms cramp up or hurt, STOP shake out your hands and arms, then try to relax and start again, if you continue playing with the pain, you will probably develop tendonitis or a similar problem...


Guitar Fitness 102* article on the Mining.Co. Guitar site: Physical problems can plague guitar players at all levels. But that is only half the story- what about emotions and stress levels? From beginners to advanced players, emotions and stress can affect any performance.

As important as it is to be in good physical condition to play guitar by stretching and preparing your muscles, you can't play well without being focused and relaxed either. The bottom line here is that playing guitar should be fun. You didn't pick up the instrument for it to add stress to your life, but remove it. And it won't be any fun if you are stressed out about the next note or chord, or worried about who might be hearing you.

What does it mean when my hands start to hurt?*
Pain is your body's way of telling you you're doing something wrong. When your hands start to hurt, STOP PLAYING. I know, I tend to go overboard, myself. A couple of weeks ago a friend stopped by and we jammed for most of the day. The next day, my left wrist hurt so bad I could hardly bend it. Scared me enough that I didn't play for several days, and it got better. Your body wasn't designed to play for hours at a time, and you can permanently damage it by overdoing it. Before you play, stretch out your hands, fingers, and arms. Some people recommend washing your hands in warm water, first. Warm up slowly, take frequent breaks, and stop when it hurts. Also, pay attention to your playing position. Wearing your guitar too low is a big invitation to carpal tunnel syndrome. Try to keep your wrist as straight as possible when fretting.


Repetitive Strain Injury Prevention Guidelines*:

    1. Drink plenty of spring water or filtered water. Attempt to drink one 8 oz. glass of water per hour. The tissues of your body are composed mostly of water. Dehydration inhibits the healing process.
    2. Avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol. These will dehydrate you. The stimulating affect of caffeine will also tense your muscles.
    3. Before you begin your workday, stretch your muscles, and perform some light exercises to "wake them up." Avoid working with tight, unstretched arms and shoulders. This will lead to further injury.
    4. Perform stretching exercises at your workplace at least once per hour. (Provided by a health care provider)
    5. Take frequent breaks to rest muscles and to stretch. At least one 5 minute rest every 30 minutes is adequate to perform self-massage and stretching for the muscles.
    6. Begin a daily log of your activities and symptoms. In the log, state the symptom and its severity, along with activities that may have brought on the complaint. This enables you to begin understanding why you have this injury. Other items to log are: water intake, medications taken per day, dietary intake, and other factors that may play a part in your condition, such as emotional factors and stress level.
    7. Watch your posture while working. If you have questions regarding specific work-related postures, ask the doctor.
    8. Cold environments will worsen RSI conditions because of decreased blood flow to the tissues. If you find yourself in a cold environment, take steps to correct it. (i.e. wear gloves, buy a space heater, etc.)
    9. Check with your local hardware or stationary store for rubberized materials that allow easier grasping of objects, such as around a commonly used pen, or pliers, etc.
    10. Avoid hobbies that flare up the condition, such as sewing, and sports involving heavy shoulder and arm use (like racquetball).
    11. Do not perform weight lifting exercises to your arms, hands, or shoulders when the condition is in an inflamed state. This will simply further the irritation and swelling.
    12. Use ice, either via an ice pack or by using a Dixie cup ice massage to relieve swollen irritated tissues. When using an ice pack, always place a moist towel between your skin and the ice pack. Ask the doctor on the proper technique for ice massage. Ice should be used for no longer than 15 minutes at a time. Take a half-hour break before applying again.
    13. If the muscles in your neck and back are sore and tense, moist heat may be affective in relieving the pain. As with ice, use heat for periods of 20 minutes at a time. Take the heat off for 20 to 30 minutes between sessions. If you feel worse after using heat, apply ice for 15 minutes. This will decrease the swelling present. Avoid heat if this is the case.

*Thanks to Check them out for some extra goodies.


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