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DIY Guitar

Last Modified: March 13, 2011

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DIY Electronics is for the beginner as well as the advanced DIYer. Here is where you will learn how to solder not only basic circuits, but also SMD's and IC's. Almost all aspects of DIY electronics are covered, as well as the audiophile components and construction.
DIY Audio Here we address only audio. Almost all pages here are original TEWM pages.
DIY Guitar A lot of links and some original TEWM pages.
Fundamentals of Audio The nuts-and-bolts of audio. A total of 38 pages, with a lot of great illustrations.
DIY Audiophile Links This is the most comprehensive link index for DIY audiophile kits, instructions, schematics, computer audiophiles, and more.
DIY Synthesizers A lot of links and some original TEWM pages.
DIY Recording To help keep things organized I had to break the recording from the audio index.
Links Home Recording
Multimedia Articles a list of PDFs that will familiarize you on codecs for audio and video, XML, multimedia coding standards, etc.
Acoustics, Music, and Science an extensive list of PDFs that address the research on modern acoustics, music, or the physics of music.

Do It Yourself (DIY) electronics is a great way to expand your gear. Below is a collection of links that I have compiled in teaching myself about electronics. The first detailed section is Getting Started, where you can learn about the basics of electronics. You are then provided with section on: references, schematics, circuits, veroboards, transistors, soldering, using an oscilloscope, and some lessons in Electrical Engineering. The purpose is to provide you with the most fundamental material as well as more advanced material for those who desire it. After this there are several links to DIY guitar sites, and then an extensive synthesizer section. I will be updating it, giving all of the links pertinent titles, and creating an index of anchors for all of the sections. The links below may be marked in one of several ways: PDF links to external PDF, TEWM PDF links to a PDF on our server, TEWM is a TEWM HTML page, and the majority of the remaing links are to external sites. Links to external sites will open in a new tab.

BeavisAudio is a great place to start. Learn the basics and get the ball rolling.

If it is Audiophile and/or Computer Audiophile you want, then try the Audio Index for DIY audio and recording.

DIY Audio Links
DIY Computer Audiophile Links This is one of the most comprehensive link indexes for DIY audiophile kits, instructions, schematics, and more.
Fundamentals of Audio I have given this material it's owntable of contents in order to keep things organized. There are a total of 38 pages, and a lot of great illustrations. This is a great starting point for anyone interested in DIY and/or audio of any kind. (New as of September 22, 2010)

Must Have DIY Sites
Technical Books Online This is a great site for downloading free books.
All About Circuits Be sure to check out their "Volumes" for a great introduction to electronics.
Officially Licensed Circuits
Mouser Electronic Parts...can be overwhelming, but they will send you a 1500 page catalog for free
PedalParts Pedal board parts. Great service
Small Bear Great Selection
Headwize A great resource site in many ways...as long as it deals with headphones.
Music From Outer Space Take a guess.
Gallery This is phenomenal site with man electrical layouts

Technical Books Online This is a great site for downloading free books. If you want to learn electronics, then this is the site and it is all free.
DIY Guitar Books Guitar electronics, building, effects, and amps
DIY Guitar Electronics Books A very small and select collection of books

iPod, MP3, and iPhone DIY:
iPhone v1.1.1 Jailbreak & AppTapp Installation Guide
Build a MP3-decoder!


Technical Books Online This is a great site for downloading free books. If you want to learn electronics, then this is the site and it is all free.
DIY Audio Modifications
Pre-amps, Amps, Speakers, etc.
Working with the SPDIF Connection
Understanding AC/DC, Series/Parallel, Resistance and Impedance
Impedance 101



This is a new section that will help you master your electronics skills. We will begin with the building of very simple projects, and with time these will become more difficult. The primary objective for me is to create projects and match them to the schematic. The reason for doing it this way is that I have just started working with electrical schematics and have had a very difficult time in going from schematic to a real live circuit. So...in teaching myself, I will also be teaching. I have created a list of projects that a friend, who happens to be very talented with electroinics, has agreed to help me build and photograph. We will be posting these as they become available. Before beginning, make sure you know how to solder.

Putting the Stomp Box Together
From Schematic to Reality
Practice Soldering
SMD Soldering Practice Kit
Make Your Own Patch Cords/Cables
Capacitor Guide
Circuit Schematic Symbols

Electronics for the DIYer

See Index DIY Electronics
See Audio Index

DIY Amplifiers and Amp Upgrades

Guitar Amplifier and Speaker Links

Ceria Tone Amplification Guitar amp kits, schematics, etc.
Brown Note
Weber Amp Kits One of my favorite for guitar amps
Doberman Music Products Quality amp building at affordable prices
TubeDepot Tubes, guitar amp kits, audio kits, etc.
Tube Amp Building and use Safety
First and foremost- BE SAFE
AmpageLots of stuff here, great forums!
The Fender Amp Field Guide
Weber Vintage Sound Technology
Celestion Professional Products
Angela Intruments
DIY Tube Guitar Amp Page
Triode Electronics Electron Tubes & Tube Amplifier Parts, and DIY Tube Amp Kits
Grill Cloth Replacement Instructions
Tolex Tutorials
Transcendent Sound DIY Specialist in Vacuum Tube OTL Amplifiers
Triodes Electronics Online
Building Speaker Cabinets
Aiken Amplification
Obsolete Electronics
Hoffman Tube Amplifiers
Summit Amps
ssguitar.comSolid State Amps Forum
STF Electronics
Pharaoh Amplifiers
London Power
M&G Amplification
Unearthing the Mysteries of the Leslie Cabinet
The Unofficial Ampeg Page
Tone Lounge
Steve's DIY Guitar Amps Page
Adam's Amplifiers
PDR's Tube Amps (and other guitar stuff)
Vintone Circuits
Allen Amplification
Torres Engineering
Mission Amps
Triode Electronics Store DIY amps and pedals
Solid State Guitar Amps
Mojo Musical Supply
Tube Depot
Watts Tube Audio a lot of parts and DIY amp kits 
Vacuum Tube Valley
Mercury Magnetics Transformers for guitar amps
The Blue Guitar Amp kits and mods
Project Guitar
Dream Tone Tube Amp Projects
Studio Sound Electronics A ton of parts and kits
Beyond Eleven Kits and parts
Dr. ZA lot of information to help you get going
Tube Amp Doctor some nice kits

Vacuum Tubes

How Vacuum Tubes Work
Theory of and Types of Vacuum Tubes
How Vacuum Tubes in Linears Work
Vaccum Tube Amplifiers
Vacuum Tubes Vs. Transistors
Vacuum Tubes Vs Transistors in Electric Guitar Amplifiers
Vacuum Tubes: Buying
Audio Tube Maintenance
Amplification Primer: The Sound of Vacuum Tubes


Do-It-Yourself Guitar Effects Links

Some of the below sites may be repeats of what is below, but we have categorized them.

Analogman New and boutique pedals, as well as modified commercial pedals
Aron's Stompbox Page A wealth of stompbox info, schematics, sound clips, and forums
Barber Electronics Check out their "Tweaks" page for some very cool mod info
BYOC Popular stompbox kits -- nice designs and great prices!
CE Distribution
CMAT Mods Modified commercial pedals and mod info
Common Sound Pedal kits and DIY info
DIY Guitarist
DIY Stompboxes
Doctor Tweek UK Based
Effects Connections Stompbox and effects pedal parts
General Guitar Gadgets Ready-to-solder pc boards for a number of pedals, as well as project info and schematics. Highly recommended
GEOFex Great resource for DIY effects info. The "Technology of ..." articles are required reading
Guitar Tone Build and modify effects
Keeley Electronics Home of the Boss DS-1 "Seeing Eye" mod
Muzique Guitar effects projects
Modkits pedals
Officially Licensed Circuits Some great kits
Pedal Parts Plus Stompbox and effects pedal parts
Red Teletronix Nobody can beat this selection of hard-to-find custom effects pedals. Highly recommended
Runoff Groove PC boards and stompbox projects, plus sound samples; nice site
Schmatic Heaven If you need a schematic, then look no further
Small Bear Electronics One-stop shopping for stompbox parts. Highly recommended
Tonepad PC boards, lots of stompbox projects, detailed photo essays; great site
Wah-Wah UK Wah modifications, repairs, and circuit board upgrades
Mark Hammer's Articles Long Lost Do-It-Yourself articles, a very good resource.
SingleCoil.com Some great DIY information for guitarists.
Ampage Sound Sample sLots of home-built effects pedal sound samples.
Tonepad.com Stompbox layouts here
Runoff Groove
Fuzz Central
DIY Guitarist
Moosapotamus Great stompbox building mods and information.
Homebrew Tweaks PEDALS!
Doug's Do-It-Yourself Guitar Effects Page Some more modification information
The Tone God Some good stuff here.
Commonsound.org Kits Here's the kits and DIY information!
Robin Tomtlund's Effects
Stellan Lehrberg's Effects
gaussmarkov: diy fx
Jim Radmer DIY Page
Guitar Related Circuits
Greene House Effects
Analog Guitar and Bass Music Effect Clones
Fx Page Some information about effects.
HeadWize Listed again...but this site kicks it!
LXH2 Website Some amp simulators, etc.
Mutron Biphase Clone
Guitar Amp and Effects Projects
John HollisAssorted Circuit Designs
Stombox StuffE.G. Hensel
Pedro Freitas Stompbox Internet Stuff
Laurier's Little Circuits DIY pedlals
Tone Clone Pedals
Fuzz Box World
Fuzz Central
Tonepad Projects
Viva Analog


Other Do-It-Yourself Links

Pickup Winder Build your own Pickup Winder and wind your own guitar pickups!
ESP Projects Page
Articles by Don Tillman

Do-It-Yourself Stompbox Commercial Site Links

AMZ Analog Music ZoneSome free stuff too.
PAiA Great site for kits, etc.
Quasar Electronics Located in UK. Lots of kits, look carefully through the list for guitar effects etc.

Electronics Parts Links

Parts suppliers.

All Electronics Corporation
New Sensor Corporation
Mouser Electronics
Jupiter Condenser Co
Keystone Electronics
Electronix Express
Circuit Specialists
Radio Shack
Cheap Surplus Parts
Micro-Mark The Small Tool Specialists
Mod Kits DIY amps, mods, and pedals
Banzai Music A lot of DIY parts
Ohmite Leading provider of resistors
Pedal Parts Plus DIY stompbox parts
Small Bear Electronics Guitar parts and kits
Triode Electronics Store DIY amps and pedals
Watts Tube Audio a lot of parts and DIY amp kits


Non-Categorized Guitar Effects Links

Some of these are commercial sites, no endorsements but they might give you some ideas for your own Do-It-Yourself en devours.

Lava CableNot effects, but excellent guitar cables
4ms pedals
Guitar Geek Look at the setups of the Big Stars
zvex Effects
Rane Corporation They have lots of schematics online!
Tone Frenzy Home of some good sound samples.
jacques stompoxes Some nice pictures.
Melbourne Music CenterVintage Articles Click the Vintage button along the top part of the page.
Real McCoy Custom Wah wahs of course.
AnalogMan Lots of good information.
Fulltone Custom Effects
Roger Mayer USA
GuitarFX.com Maybe it'll get better in time. There a few sound samples here.
Morley Pedals Hey, they got some schematics of their effects here!
mode zero
Foxrox Electronics
Blackbox Do-It-Yourself Page
GM Arts Overdrive explaination.
The Official Redtelectronix Custom Effects Website
OK GuitarRobert Keeley
Stompin-ground.com Pedal Boards, etc.
Pedalboard.com Pricey pedal boards, etc.
Loop Master Loopers and Pedal board Accessories


Vintage Stuff Links

The Unofficial Ampeg Page
Vintage Echo Units from the 1960's
Rat Versions


Guitar Parts Suppliers Links and General Suppliers

Here's some guitar related sites.

Guitar Parts"Parts is Parts"
WD Music Products, Inc.
Warmoth Guitar Products Inc.
Guitar Parts USA
Guitar Wiring Ideas
The Blue Guitar All kinds of do-it-yourself guitar related information.
GuitarNutsSome great guitar wiring information.
Guitar Refinishing
Elderly Instruments
SteMac Parts for stringed instruments.
TonePros Some of the finest bridges and tailpieces for guitars.
Q-Tuner PUPs

Beyond Category

Experimental Musical Instruments
FolkUrban Music
The Electronic Peasant

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