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DIY Synthesizers

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Synthesizer Resources
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DIY Electronics is for the beginner as well as the advanced DIYer. Here is where you will learn how to solder not only basic circuits, but also SMD's and IC's. Almost all aspects of DIY electronics are covered, as well as the audiophile components and construction.
DIY Audio Here we address only audio. Almost all pages here are original TEWM pages.
DIY Guitar A lot of links and some original TEWM pages.
Fundamentals of Audio The nuts-and-bolts of audio. A total of 38 pages, with a lot of great illustrations.
DIY Audiophile Links This is the most comprehensive link index for DIY audiophile kits, instructions, schematics, computer audiophiles, and more.
DIY Synthesizers A lot of links and some original TEWM pages.
DIY Recording To help keep things organized I had to break the recording from the audio index.
Links Home Recording
Multimedia Articles a list of PDFs that will familiarize you on codecs for audio and video, XML, multimedia coding standards, etc.
Acoustics, Music, and Science an extensive list of PDFs that address the research on modern acoustics, music, or the physics of music.

Synthesizer Resources


Modular System Form Factors
RusKeys.net Museum of Soviet Synths
Music Machines

Sonic State Mark Glinsky's Synth Manuals
SynthZone Rane Professional Audio Reference
Pro Audio Reference Books
Audio Scientific Reference Info
Analogue Heaven List
Knobulator II

Analog Synth Gallery
Electronic Music Foundation
120 years of Electronic Music
Yahoo Synthesizer Category
AltaVista Synthesizer Category
History of Electronic Music

Instrument Specific Resources

Korg PS and MS Modulars
Mini Moog Info at fantasyjackpalance.com
Aries Modular by Robert Leiner
DigiSound 80 Modular by Dave
RSF By Olivier Grall
Korg MS-10
Korg MS-20
Memory Moog By Koichi Okuno
Moog Resources
PPG Modular ARP resources at Till.com (Don)
ARP Odyssey Resource Page Mellotron
Mellotrons, Chamberlins, and their Sounds
Hohner Clavinet Resource Homepage
Dave Benson's DX7 Resources

Synthesizer Tutorials

Modular Synthesis by Voltage Control by André C. Stordeur
Analog Synthesis by H. M. Sowards
T. Yahaya Abdullah on Subtractive Synthesis
T. Yahaya Abdullah on Scales Did U Know?
Introduction to Synthesizers by Thomas Kolb

Using the Moog Synthesizer
Digital Sucks by Marc Ahlfs

CV/Gates by Mike Perkowitz


Stickman An old family friend and one of the best.
John Loffink's Microtonal Synthesis Database
Alternate Tunings Mailing List
John Starrett's Microtonal Music Links
Microtonal Bands

Microtonal Instruments
Bohlen-Pierce Scale Just Intonation explained by Kyle Gann
Graham's Microtonal Website

Definitions of Tuning Terms by Joseph L. Monzo

DIY Kits

Scott Stites DIY stuff
DIY List
Guitar Effects

Music Synthesizer.com
Daily DIY
Synthesizer Circuits
Synthesizer Diy Videos
Seb's Synth-DIY Pages Some sweet stuff
OG2 Nice PCBs
Solid State Percussion Synthesizer
Hacked Gadgets
OxO Forum

Modular Synthesizer Manufacturers

Aural Research (now defunct) Analogue Systems
Analogue Solutions

Fenix (now defunct)
Encore Electronics
Metasonic Vacuum Tube Synthesizer Modcan
Moog Music (no modulars)
MacBeth Studio Systems
Moog Custom Engineering
Oakley Sound Systems

Unoffical Serge Website
Synthesis Technology


MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center MIDI.org MIDI Manufacturers
MIDI Specification
MIDI Tutorial by Jim Heckroth
Philip Rees Modern Music Technology

MIDI Tools And Resources at Harmony Central
MIDI World
Hardware Web MIDI hardware projects
Algoart MIDI Step Sequencer

Classified Ads and Auctions

Rogue Music

Software & Virtual/Soft Synthesizers

OpenLabs eKo OpenSynthDashAwesome!
DashSynthesis.comVirtual Synth Designers
Music/Sound Shareware New Worship Musician Software
Virtual Triadex Muse
Cycling '74 Virtual Synth for Mac
SuperCollider audio synthesis programming language REAKTOR
AudioMulch synthesis, music composition, processing.
Real-time Analogue Modular Synth and Sampler
aRts Analog Realtime Synthesizer for Linux
AndyWare ABox

Cakewalk software for music and sound production

Sonic Foundry Sound Editors
Modularing Macintosh virtual synthesizer
WaveCraft analogue synthesiser emulator for Windows

Virtual Waves sound synthesis, processing and analysis

ObjektSynth virtual synthesizer for BeOS
Algoart MIDI Step Sequencer

Build your own Analog Synthesizer

Web Sites on building an analog synthesizer

Interested in building your own analog synthesizer?  Here is a collection of information on the web.  These sites range from basic electronics to schematics to advanced synth modules.  Don't see what you need on one site, just go on to the next.  Have fun!
I am very interested in knowing if this sight provided you with the information you were looking for.  If you don't find what you need, please email me and tell me what is missing (click the email icon near the top of the page).  Thanks!

Explore related pages

Industrial Music Electro Music ozone333 Electronic music Techno Music Thomas Dolby Electronica Inc. Headquarters

Do It Yourself Synth Sites 

E-Music DIY archive
Archive of synth information and schematics.
Weird Sound Generator
An EXCELLENT FIRST PROJECT in synth building. The site contains a LOT of information on building this project.
Build A Portable Synth
John Simonton's original article on building a basic synth. This article has designs and instructions for building Paia electronics' original GNOME synth. It contains a VCO, Noise Generator, VCF, VCA, and 2 function generators. No application specific Integrated Circuits are required, however the LM3900 could be a little difficult to locate.
Resonant Frequency
Information and schematics for all aspects of building a synth. In addition to schematice, includes information on topics like basic electronics, and etching a circuit board.
Bernie Hutchins original periodical to the design and construction of synthesizers. If you are really interested, the "Everything Package" is a great deal, you will be busy for a LONG time. If you just want a taste, do as he suggests, start with the "Preferred Circuits Collection" then add the "Musical Engineers Handbook". If you still want more, get Everything.
Papareil Synth Labs
Includes design information, schematics and pictures for several different synths. All these synths look great - they have been VERY professionally built. These are really quite good and unique. Includes 2 standard analog synth designs, a midi to CV-gate converter, a Vacuum Tube Analog Synthesizer, a theremin, and 2 drum machine clones.
Experimantalists Anonymous
A site with quite a few schematics in the archive section. It is very nicely organized with seperate directories for each type of device. Also, there are a wide range of devices (oscillators, filters, MIDI, circuit bending etc....).
Kaustic Machines
A nice website that contains schematics for some fairly simple projects. The Atari Punk console project is a very simple basic synth.
Modular Synth
Information on lots of modules, and links about analog synths. Lots of great and unique schematics.
Check out the Forum section for music DIY web sites.
Crackle Box
Crackle Box schematics. Designed by Michel Waisvisz of STEIM in the 70's. A small, relatively simple noise based synth. One part seems to be particularly difficult to find, the 709 op amp. Even though the instructions say substitutes will not work, supposedly the Mouser part NTE 909d will work. See this electro-music forum article.
Crackle Box layout
This is a very nicely laid out website for creating the crackle box. It contains printed circuit board layouts and parts placement. This web site makes building a Crackle Box very simple. Look at the note for the link immediately above for information on the 709 op amp.
The Electronic Peasant
Relatively small yet interesting collection of electronic projects. Includes several vacuum tube based projects.
Grant Richters Synth-Diy page
Lots of uniques modules to build
Music From Outer Space
Home of the SoundLab mini synth. The DIY page has schematics for all components of this synth. This site also sells synth kits for building.
FolkUrban Music
Mostly acoustic projects here, but the synthstick looks interesting!
Scott Stites Synth DIY
Lots of information and links for DIY synthesis.
The New and Improved Scott Stites Synth DIY
Like the title says, Scott Sites new updated DIY synth site. Contains several designs by Thomas Henry. Much of this information is quite detailed including quite a bit about module construction.
Commonsound Collective
A collective that designs innovative audio devices. Not only are there some great devices here but there is a forum with tons of support for building these devices. Check out the triwave picogenerator for something not incredibly complex, yet with lots of options for tinkering.
A large repository of DIY information on synth building. In addition to many schematics, the file section contains data sheets, front panel layouts, assembly plans and much more.
Sound Lab Mini Synth
Information for building a basic 2 oscillator analog synth. What is great about this website is that you can take on as much construction as you like. You can take just the schematics and build everything, or you can get a printed circuit board and buy parts yourself, or there is a link to buying a kit of parts. In addition there is information for mounting, front panel and modifications.
Unusual Synth Circuits
A fairly large collection of mostly basic Synth Circuits (VCO, VCA, VCF, EG). As stated on the site, This site is not for beginners, but those looking for new synth circuits. Be sure to check out his photos - his 2002-2003 synth was built in Tupperware and looks very cool!
The Electronic Sound-House
In addition to some standard Synth modules this site has some very unique stuff. For example there is information and schematics for an analog wind controller and a midi wind controller. There is also an electronic implementation of a physical modelling clarinet. Everything contains both schematics and design notes. Not, however, the design notes are very thorough and quite technical.
Bergfotron DIY Analog Synthesizer Pages
A site with all the designs for building a quite complex analog synthesizer. Not only is there information concerning the sound generating and processing electronics, he also includes information on the more routine modules such as a power supply and even a case. He has a section on construction which contains instructions for etching your own circuit boards. He even has plans for a unique wind controller.
Cloned Analog Gear
This site contains copies of articles describing the design, assembly and operation of various analog sound generating and processing modules.
The DIY page has quite a few unique modular synth processing modules. There is not a lot of standard modules here (not many filters, VCAs, VCos etc...), however there are a lot of modules for processing sounds. There have very unique names for unique functions, such as Neural Agonizer, and Veeblefetzer. There are partial kits available for some of the modules.
Schematics - some very interesting processing modules.
Digisound 80 modular synthesizer
Contains the plans and schematics and documentation for modules that were part of the Digisound 80 modular synthesizer. This is a synth that appears to have been produced as kits in the 80s in England. I am not familiar with this synth, but the information here seems quite comprehensive. The only potential problem in assembling these yourself might be obtaining the Curtis electronic music chips that were used. The web site does list a source, but I do not know the current availability.
Seb's Synth-DIY Pages
Another site with plans for various synth modules. These plans are quite complete and have some unique modules - such as the JoyKontrol, a 6-dimensional dual joystick controller with MIDI and CV outs. Also has plans for a MIDI to CV converter with full source code or if you prefer, you can obtained a preprogrammed chip for this.
Marjan's Synthesizer Schematics
A very interesting site that contains schematics for many commercial synths. some manufacturers that are included are Serge, Buchla, Moog, Oberheim and others.
Synthesizer resource - mostly links to other sites.
The ASM-1 Homepage
All information for building the ASM-1 synth. Includes schematics, front panel layouts, even theory of operation notes. Unfortunately, many of the links to other people's pages about building this synth do not work.
Contains information for 2 DIY synths - The nano1, a monophonic digital synth, and Tiny Synth, a monophonic hybrid synth. Both of these are a little more advanced projects. Both require the ability to burn code into into EEPROM memory (code is provided on the site).
The Jim Patchell Synthesizer DIY Web Page
Jim Patchell has been designing and building his own synths since 1973. This page not only contains documentation for many of his designs, but also quite a bit of general tips and information.
Jürgen Haible
Jurgen has built some amazing recreations of classic synths and effects. Occasionally he makes PCBs of his designs available. He has published many of his schematics on this site.
Not Breathing Sound Systems and Carrion Sound
This site has a small collection of interesting and unique schematics. Two that look especially interesting - though I have not built either are "Easy Sleazy Joystick Noise Synth" and "Building a Crappy 2Bit Sampler". The "Easy Sleazy Joystick Noise Synth" looks quite simple and would be very appropriate for a beginner (if you can read schematics).
Analog Tracking Generator
Schematic for a very interesting device. At it's most basic, it acts as a voltage quantizer, but it can also "twist" control voltages into some interesting shapes.

DIY Effect Projects 

These sites offer do it yourself analog effects. These can be part of a larger synthesis set up, or used as stand alone effects for other instruments.
Tonepad fx projects
This site is primarily effect projects. There are, however, various utility type projects, such as a power supply or A/B selector switch. All projects are ranked Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Insane.

Synth Kits 

Companies that sell modular analog synthesizer kits.

PAiA Electronics
Probably the original DIY synth companies. This company has an extensive history of assisting and promoting DIY electronic music. Their kits are just great. I have built and use many of them myself.
Synthesis Technology
The MOTM analog modular synthesizer. Modules can be ordered as a kit or fully assembled.
Blacet Research Music Products
Compact Analog modules available both as kits and assembled.
Magic Smoke Electronics
This is not yet a kit site (although they are planning to offer at least 1 kit). They do however offer several Thomas Henry's books on do-it-yourself musical electronics.
Build Your Own Clone
This site features kits for building "stomp box" type effects. They also allow you to buy just the printed circuit boards - you supply the electrical components and enclosure.
Harrison Instruments
Harrison Instruments provides several kits for building your own pitch only theremin. A short video on building this kit is available here.

Build A Theremin Sites 

Theremin World
An entire website devoted to the theremin. Includes links to numerous types of theremin schematics (including a vacuum tube theremin project) as well as a lot of other theremin information.
Art's Theremin Page
All kinds of information about the theremin. Several different schematics including one that does not require an inductor - if that matters to you right now.
The Wien-Bridge Theremin
A very thorough site describing the Wein-Bridge Theremin and its construction. Includes background/theoretical information, schematics, circuit board layout, and even unit testing instructions.
Build a Pocket Theremin on the Cheap
A very simple and inexpensive theremin. Estimated cost is $18.95 (including a small speaker). However, one difference between this design and a traditional theremin is that this theremin is controlled by using your hand to control changes in lighting. Also, the website states that this theremin is very light sensitive and works best in subdued lighting. Still, this is a very simple and inexpensive project.

Other Sound and Electronics Web Sites 

These sites are not necessarily about synthesis, however, they contain interesting projects involving electronics and sound.
Monome Controller
An open source alternate controller consisting of a 8 x 8 grid of backlit buttons. Completely programmable and reconfigurable. They have started supplying kits for assembly. A VERY INTERESTING project
RGB Monome Clone
Here is information for building a Monome Clone. It is a pretty plain web site, but it seems to contain all the information you need, including schematics, parts suppliers, and code (I haven't built this so I am not certain of the completeness). The clone is based around an Arduino processor. The author has not completed the the color button part of the site - it will be interesting to see this upgrade!
The Stribe
Another very cool controller! This is an 8 channel touch controller. Each channel is similar to a slider, however it can be positioned at any point instantly by touching that location. In addition, each channel has a dual row of LEDs to provide visual feedback. This is not an analog project, but it can be used as a great controller for analog synths. Note, this is an advanced project.
Richard Lerman's Audio Art Site
A great resounce for using piezo disks and other transducers. Check out the Articles/Schematics section. Lots of great projects - most are very easy to build (great for beginners). Even includes schematics for making a condenser mic. Just a lot of great information.
Digital Logic Sound Devices
A site that describes how digital logic devices work and has designs for several audio projects using digital logic devices.
Elliott Sound Products - Audio Pages
This is a good diy audio project page. It is not synthesizers, rather these projects are things such as power amps and accessories, mixers, meters, preamps etc.... They also have printed circuit boards avail for many, if not all, of there projects
DIY dunking hydrophone
Build your own underwater microphone!

Smaller Projects and Pedals 

These are links to some diy electronic music/sound projects that are not necessarily synthesizers but still provide interesting sound generating and processing possibilities. Many of these can be built in small stomp box enclosures.
Loopton Feedback Loop
This is a simple stomp box for creating a feedback loop. The project is quite simple and does not require a printed circuit board, integrated circuits, or complex soldering. The site contains a thorough photo tutorial of constructing this device.
Here is a neat circuit to create a Potentiometer with a memory. This is not a strictly analog circuit - it uses a PIC 16F819 microcontroller to playback resistances to a digital potentiometer.
General Guitar Gadgets
This is a guitar stompbox DIY site. They have schematics and circuit board layouts for numerous effects. They also sell full and partial jits to build these effects. If you are interested in building guitar effects, their Link section has links to numerous other DIY guitar effect sights.
Beavis Audio Research
Contains designs for several pedals and stomp box effects. In addition there is some basic electronics information on the site (about capacitors, providing power to pedals, potentiometers, switches etc...). Also a good article about finishing and labeling enclosures.
DIY Fever
Guitar related projects - not synthesizers. Still a nice variety from simple to advanced (he even rates them for you). Quite a few stomp box type effect. He also has plans for building with a circuit board or a perf board. Also, one nice bonus, he has free software for circuit board layout,. I have not used this software, but he claims it works for laying out printed circuit boards, perfboards or stripboards.
gaussmarkov: diy fx
A page of schematics and circuit layouts for stompbox type effects. Many of the effects are replications of classic stompboxes.
Capacitance /Touch Switch Circuits
A list of circuits for building touch switches.
Lab Notebook
All kinds of information on designing guitar effects - but can be used in any type of effect circuit.

Not Necessarily Analog Synthesis 

The following synthesis are not necessarily analog, but are still interesting and useful in an analog synthesizer.
Synth DIY with PIC microprocessors
On this site Tom Wiltshire has implemented some basic analog synthesis modules using PIC microprocessors. As I write this, he has 2 designs available: a voltage controlled LFO with numerous waveforms and a wave distort input, and a voltage controlled ADSR that is a clone of the Curtis CEM3312 or Solid State SSM2056 chips.

Miscellaneous Synthesis Projects and Kits 

This list is for projects and sites that don't fit anywhere else, but are still valuable in building your own synthesizer.
Highly Liquid
A company that sells kits for MIDI retrofits and various types of MIDI decoders.
1 Bit Groove Box
This is not analog synth, still it is a cool synthesis project. It is a programmable digital synth that fits in a VHS Cassette box. It is similiar to Tristan Perich's 1 bit music synthesis in CD cases.

Spring Reverb Circuits 

There are so many sites with spring reverb circuits I decided to devote a section to them.
Spring Reverb Circuit
This pdf document has a schematic and ample notes for building a spring reverb unit. The only thing missing is the printed circuit board layout.
Spring Reverb Unit 2
Another spring reverb circuit and notes. This circuit has an optional preamp to use the reverb with a guitar, and an optional headphone amplifier.
Acutronics reverb schematics
Here Accutronics provides a whole series of circuits for driving a spring reverb.
Paia Hot Springs Reverb
This spring reverb schematic from Paia electronics (designed by Craig Anderton) requires 2 spring reverb tanks. Paia also has it available as a kit.
TLN-156 Neural Agonizer
A voltage Controlled spring reverb. This projest is from the MOTM-porium site above.

Electronic Component Suppliers 

Need to know where to purchase these electronic components? Here are a few places to start.
Mouser electronics
General electronic components and supplies.
General electronic components and supplies.
All Electronics
More electronic components.
Radio Shack
Not generally your first choice for components, and rarely if ever the cheapest, but often times the most conveinant, and sometimes even surprising.
Circuit Specialists
Again components. A good source for resistors, and printed Circuit board making materials.
Again components. Not as extensive as Mouser or DigiKey, but sometimes less expensive
A smaller supplier of components and more. They are smaller than Digi-key or Mouser, but often times less expensive. They also have a Printed Circuit Board manufacturing service.
Pedal Parts Plus
Although they advertise a s a supplier for effects pedal parts, they have a selection of electronics components. They do, however, carry various stomp box enclosures and heavy duty switches for stompboxes.
Tubes and More
A source for hard to find electronic parts. As the name says it has Tubes, but also items such as reverb tanks, guitar parts and lots of various components.

Learning About Analog Synthesizer Design and Construction 

The following sites provide information about the circuit design and construction of Analog Synthesizers.
Electronic Music Circuits book
This book by Barry Klein is an absolutely fantastic reference for building an analog synthesizer. It contains a wealth of circuits, as well as detailed informative text. Some of these circuits, however, require some out of production or hard to find ICs. Still, if you can't find those parts, there is still plenty to learn and do in this book.

Unfortunately, the book is out of print - BUT it appears Barrk Klein is self publishing it. The link contains information on obtaining a copy. I would email before I just placed an order.
Doepfer Music Electronics DIY Page
This page, provided by Doepfer Music Electronics, provides an excellent tutorial to analog Synthesizer design. Although it says it is for their A100 synthesizer, the information provided is much more general. It begins with information on reading schematics and progresses through simple to more involved essential synthesizer circuitry.
How To Build A Synthesizer Video Tutorial
A series of videos on building a Synthesizer by Lorin Parker. Includes videos on numerous topics including components, circuits, Construction and even interfaces.
An archive of analog synthesizer module design articles that appeared in magazines.
Making Printed Circuit Boards
Here is an excellent photo and text tutorial for making printed circuit boards. This instruction is quite straightforward, and does not require any specialized tools. Just as a note, this is not the only way to do this. The Electronotes series (listed above) contains another quicker, though less neat, method.
Making Printed Circuit Boards
Another site on making printed circuit boards. This site uses the free software ExpressPCB (lsted below) to design the board and then instructions for etching the board.
Printed Circuit Boards For The Masses
Still another method for creating your own Printed Circuit Boards. This method requires a laser printer and photo grade printer paper.
Express PCB is a free Windows based program for designing printed circuit boards.
Synthesis Basics
A very nice basic introduction to electronic music and synthesis.
Making Brushed Aluminum Panels
A nice tutorial on how to give your faceplates that brushed aluminum look.
DIY Synthesizer Cabinet
Tutorial on building a cabinet for your synth on www.synthesizers.com.

Learning About Modular Analog Synthesis 

These sites contain links to general information about Analog Synthesis.
How A VCO Works
A very good article about Voltage Controlled Oscillators. It covers the basic design and operation of a VCO, as well as many of the issues that must be addressed in designing one.
Synthesizer.com Tutorials
Tutorials on various aspects of synthesis as well as some audio examples and a video series.
Synthesizer.com Bibliography
A bibliography of various sources for information on analog synthesis.
The Amateur Gentleman's Introduction to the Principles of Music Synthesis
A basic guide to Sound Synthesis. A very good starting point for learning about sound, and how it is synthesized, and then the conceptual model used in synthesizers.
Principles of Sound Synthesis
A little more advanced introduction to sound synthesis. Briefly discusses a variety of synthesis techniques, and introduces some of the mathematical basis of sound synthesis.

Learning About Electronics 

If you just need an introduction to electronics, here are some links that can help.
Although this FAQ was written with stompboxes/pedals in mind, it has a tremendous amount of information about basic electronics and especially electronic components and parts.
A Complete Course in Electronics
Here is a series of YouTube videos covering the basics of electornics. This course has you build circuits using a breadboard and various electronic components.
All About Circuits
A multi volume series on electricity and electronics. Volumes include DC electronics, AC electronics, Semiconductors, and Digital Electronics. These books are a work in progress, so you might come across some missing information.

Web Sites by People Who Build Their Own Synths 

Although these sites do not necessarily show you how to build a synth, they all are by people who have built their own very interesting synths. It is always interesting to see what some other people have done.
Tim Kaiser's Atomic Sonic
This site will not teach you how to build devices nor does it contain schematics. It does, however, have pictures of Tim Kaisers built and circuit bent devices - and these are some of the COOLEST LOOKING devices out there. Take a look at these for ideas on visual design, if nothing else.
Nick's World Of Synthesizers
Here you can find photos and descriptions of some very interesting and nontraditional synths.
ADACHI Tomomi is a Japanese composer/performer/installation artist/poet who also builds his own synths. He has pictures of his synths which he builds in Tupperware containers. Some very nice stuff. Unfortunately no designs or schematics (yet?).

Suppliers of MOTM Friendly Synth Products

SynthTech – Home of MOTM Official home of MOTM. These modules are the core of my modular synth. Go here and buy MOTM synth modules. You will love them. Quality is first rate in every way.
Blacet Research These are some great modules that are popular with MOTMers. John makes some super products like the Time Machine, Dark Star, and the very popular Blacet / Wiard MiniWave. I own lots of this great stuff.
http://stretta.com/~matthew/resources/waveproms/ Matthew Davidson’s site to buy cool EPROMs for your Miniwave.
http://www.synthesizers.com Moog size format modules sold completely assembled and tested for amazingly low prices for modular. Roger is a good guy and has many loyal customers.
http://www.paia.com The original kit site for synthesizers. No one can squeeze more synth out of a buck than John Simonton. Best bang for the buck out there!
Oakley Sound System – project page A source for MOTM friendly circuit boards, stuffed PCBs and completed modules. Tell Tony the Stooge sent you. Very customer oriented.
Encore Electronics Home of the MOTM format Universal Event Generator and new Frequency Shifter.
http://www.cgs.synth.net/Home of Cat Girl Synth modules. Check out the cool stuff. The Wave Multiplier is a "must have module."
Wiard Synthesizer Company designer of the awesome MiniWave and home of the Noise ring and some really cool Joysticks.
http://www.cyndustries.com/ Home of Cynthia brand modules. Many popular circuits from today and the past in the Modcan format. Nice stuff ! You can buy populated PCBs from Cynthia to put in your MOTM format behind Stooge panels. Check out the Quad Low Pass Gate, Quad Band Pass, Sawtooth Animator, and Dual Wasp Filter.
Synthmodules.com Home of the PSIM-1. IN August 2005, Brice was finally able to get caught up and ship PSIM modules.
http://www.nice-racks.com/If you are looking for some custom racks, look here. Dave, the owner, builds each rack by hand and will do custom modifications.
Sites of other MOTM users. Some have great add on products for you
Dave’s Hot Rod MOTM page Dave makes custom screened panel for MOTM
Great site to check out for modifications and module conversion to MOTM format.
Hylander.comDave Hylander shows you great photos of his Blacet to MOTM
conversions. Dave is a talented guy who also builds guitars. This is where you find the popular Miniwave expander PCB.
http://www.tellun.com/motm is Scott Juskiw’s site. Scott has a great looking site
with photos of his MOTM synth Darmok, sound bites, and some info about module
modifications and his own DIY PCBs for sale. Get your Miniwave expander Miniwave CV control PCBs here.
http://algoart.com/synthlayout.htm Freeware Modular Synth Layout for Windows. Currently 7 synthesizers are supported, Analogue Systems, Blacet Research, Doepfer,MOTM, and Modcan with supported in the same program.
http://home.debitel.net/user/jhaible/hj.html Jürgen Haible’s DIY site. Possibly the most brilliant work you will ever find. Designer of many MOTM circuits.
http://www.bobknarley.com Howard Ulyate’s synth and studio site. Amoung other things, he has the part number listings for USA part suppliers for building Ken Stone’s Cat Girl Synth modules. http://www.carrionsound.com/gallery/synth/thumbs.htm Dave Wright’ page with
photos of his MOTM and other DIY synth work.
http://www.studionebula.com Adam Schabtach’s site with a diary of his MOTM
synth and cabinet experience along with some tips for builders.
http://www.radio-flier.com/analog_music_synthesis.html Tom Farrand’s Radio-Flier Electronics page. This link goes directly to his "analog synth" pages.
Ken Tkacs’ synth page Among other things, Ken shows you how to make professional
looking panels with your home PC and printer. Awesome Ken !
David Bivins MOTM stuff The bald bastard – synth techno master.
Retrosynth Cary Roberts home page – some nice photos from AH gatherings. Cary
also has a "free" area for MOTM users and great DSS-1 disk image library.
Keith Winstanley’s synth page Photos of his modular, other synths and projects under
Attic at Vulture Squadron HQ Another place to find MOTM (and many other DIY
goodies and oddities) in a studio setting. Where did Paul B. find it all ?
MOTM music Available music from MOTM system owners.

Other Synth DIY Sites

http://www.musicfromouterspace.com Ray Wilson’s music from outer space site. Great little all-in-one Sound Lab PC available that will run on two 9-volt batteries. Cool. http://www.physicsenterprises.andrews.edu/diy_archive/synth_diy.html A collection of photos, e-mail addresses, and web page links to fellow geeked-out Synth-DIY
folks – graciously hosted by Tony Clark.
http://mypeoplepc.com/members/scottnoanh/slsdiy/index.html Scott Stites Synth
DIY site. Check out his projects.
Resonant Frequency Dave Magnuson synth site. Dave has a LOT of great links for DIY and to sites with commercial synth information.Supplier Links you may find useful for MOTM format construction
www.alliedelec.com Allied Electronics – Part source for DIY work
www.digikey.com Digi-Key ElectronicsPart source for DIY work
www.newark.com Newark ElectronicsPart source for DIY work
www.dee-inc.com/netstore/default.asp Dee Electronics – good source for MOTM knobs cheap.
HotRodMOTM Dave has specific part numbers here you may find useful when getting MOTM compatible parts for your modular project
Aaron’s machine screws Absolutely the best place for nuts and bolts for your MOTM system. You can find all that black hardware here.
Penn Fabrication A great place for hardware for your MOTM and MOTM cabinets. Click here for Penn pricing information which is not shown at their web site.

Synth DIY sites from around the world.

Analog Monster
Analog Notes
Analogue Systems
Blacet Research
Black Strobe Studio
bleeps and peeps
Buchla And Associates
casperelectronics (Peter Edwards's site)
CMS / DiscreteSynthesizers.com
Cynthia Webster CYNDUSTRIES
Curious Inventor (Totally Cool Learning Site)
Dave Magnuson's Site
Don Sauer's Web Site (Designer of the LM13700)
Doug Frome's Site Home of "Consciousness Connector"
eDrum Site (Admir Salahovic's Site)electro-music.com
electro-music.com Sound Lab Forum
Electronics with Graham Knott of CRC
FlexiMusicMusic and Audio Software
Flower ElectronicsCool Sound Boxes
Henry Walmsley's Site
Ian Fritz' Site
Infection Music Limited
James Patchell's Site
Jörg Schmitz' Site
Jürgen Haible's Site
KA Electronics (1K tempcos & THAT ICs)
Ken Stone's Site
Kevin Lightner's Synthfool! Site
Laurie Biddulph's Elby Designs Site
MACBETH STUDIO SYSTEMS analogue synthesizers
"Manual Manor" by Mark Glinsky
MATRIX-SYNTH (Everything Synth)
Michael Buchstaller's Site
Microtonal Synthesis
Motohiko Takeda's Site
Music Thing
Music Synthesizer.com
Natural Rhythmdiy
Neil Johnson's Site
Niklas' Web Site
Oakley Sound Systems
Oren Leavitt's Site
Osamu Hoshuyama's Site
PAIA Research
Papareil Synth Labs
Peter Grenader's Site
René Schmitz' Site
Roman's Site
Scott Juskiw's Site
Scott Stites' Site
Seb's Synth-DIY Pages
Serge (Unofficially speaking...)
Steve Thomas' Site
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Subscribe to Synth-DIY email
Synthesis Technology, Home of Paul Schreiber's MOTM
Synthtopia Electronic Music Portal
The Electronics Club
The Electronic Peasant
The Free Information SocietySchematics
The Master Synthesizer Book List
The New England Synthesizer Museu
The Thomas Henry VCO-1 (Article on Scott Stites' site)
Thorsten Klose's uCApps.de
verde audio (DIY Studio Electronics )
Wiard Synthesizer (Grant Richter's) Site
Yves Usson's site

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