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Apple Macintosh


Mac Software an exhaustive list of the best free software in the Mac world.
MacDesktops LINK almost...almost an infinte source of desktops. (External link)
iPhone Wallpaper LINK some great wallpapers. (External link)
the iconfactory LINK tools for building icons for both Mac OS and Windows (External link)
Download Opera 10 with Turbo Best browser on the market...we'll see what 64-bit

Macintosh Culture

Mac OS X
Getting Started with the Mac Index of Mac tutorials... this page is being developed and is in rough form. Functional links.
iPods, iTunes, and MP3 Index

Microsoft Wars
Roughly Drafted +10 historical site for the MS Wars.
Article archive A great starting point at the RD site.
Microsoft Surface: the Fine Clothes of a Naked Empire Article from RD site.
Windows 7 Will Let Microsoft Track Your Every Move
The Microsoft Monopoly
The Lie that Has Become Microsoft
Alternatives to Microsoft Products
The Open-Source Philosophy
Take Back Control

Protecting Your Computer from Viruses A short introduction for the Noob.
Computer Virus Tutor PDF The ultimate guide...must geek read.
Linux Tutorial

Running Mac OS X

Keyboard Shortcuts
Finder Learn how to use it and set default preferences.
Screenshots and Sharpshooter
Getting Started with Mac Currently being developed...no template.
Running Snow Leopard in 64-bit Mode
Reset a Lost Mac OS X Password
Trashing the Preferences
How To Add Login Items
Force Quitting Applications
Changing the Appearance of Your Dock
Connecting to a Server
Changing Your Display Image Icon
Changing The System Appearance
Editing Your Dashboard
Create a Desktop Slideshow
Adjust Your Mac Displays
Changing Your Password

General Mac OS

64-Bit Kernel Snow Leopard does not default to 64-bit.
Screenshots and Sharpshooter
Download Opera 10 with Turbo
15 Best Freeware Apps for Mac Users
Mac Free Software Index
Free Music Software
Best Free Web 2.o Software
The only browsing plugins needed
Free Open Source Software
Plugin Page
Free Open Source Portable Media Software


Free Music is available legally...quick note: we do not advocate piracy.
More Freedom for Music Fans with sinking DRM ship.
Stream Music to Airport Express Without iTunes
Move Music Off of Your iPod ..do it for legal purposes only.
Suing people who download music illegally
external link.
Woman Must Pay $222,000 in Fines for Piracy external link
Google MP3s

iTunes and iPod

Goto the iPod and iTunes Index page for a complete listing.

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