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Windows Hardware and Software

Vista | Hardware | Software

This page addresses three different aspects of MS Windows and PCs. The first thing that we are concerned with is Vista. Despite what they say out there, Vista is an extraordinary OS and there is a slight learning curve. So, what you get here are some tools needed to tweek the Windows experience. The second category is Hardware... here we are primarily concerned with how hardware performs and have included some links to sites that have some great software testing tools. Finally, there is the Software. Here we have a few pages that provider links to some extraordinary software. All of this software has been tested by us, and we use most of it daily. Finally, almost all of the software is free. The only application that we recommend purchasing is Diskeeper.


The Best Free Windows XP Software and Opensource Software Available This is where we go for our must have software when we rebuild a system.
Free Open Source Software...an extensive list of software and resources.
Free Open Source Portable Media Software...media geek's on the go.
Free Portable Software...geek's on the go. OSes to Browsers.
Free Music Software...music only software.
Free plugins, mp3 Players, and browsers


Tweak Vista ...free utility download.
Customizing Your Aero
Control Vista...this is how you turn off those frustrating dialogs you keep getting every time you try to do something. Improve your Vista experience.
Vista Diagnostics are light-years beyond anything you ever saw in Win XP.
Vista Gadgets...everyone loves a gadget, and MS came through for us.
Taking Screenshots with Vista...just as easy as it is with Win XP.
Vista Tweek: Turn Off User Account Control...and stop being annoyed.
TweakUAC is a sweet little application that will give you total control over the Vista User Account Control... It is free.
Vista Drivers are easy to take care of.
Searching in Vista is easier than it ever was in XP.
Dual-Boot to Vista ...it does not get any easier.
Vista Parental Controls ...sorry kids, but the "liddle" one need protection.
Working with Windows Defender ...not much use if you do no know how to use it properly.
Managing Windows and Using Flip 3D is one of the coolest new features of Vista.
Vista Sound and Volume Controls...time to rock.
Resize Your Vista Partitions
Turning Vista Features Off
Vista Program Compatibility
Vista: A Double Dose Recovering documents, and sound tips. December 31, 2007
Screen Font Size, Quick Launch, and Log On Message January 2, 2008
Vista 3D Desktop January 2, 2008
Ten New Vista Tips January 2, 2008
Vista AutoRun January 2, 2008
Vista Disk Cleanup January 2, 2008

Hardware Benchmark Tools and More

Test your computer hardware for free.
The Complete Guide to Speeding Up Your PC's Startup
The Intel® Processor Identification Utility was developed by Intel Corporation to identify the processor inside a system.
PC WIZARD 2008 is also an utility designed to analyze and benchmark your computer system.
GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU.
Fixing Your Flash Drive..."waste not want not."
KeePass Password Safe Slap it on your USB memory stick for the ultimate experience.
AutoGK Quick DVD-to-Div-X rips and power user features.
Auslogic Disk Defrag Wow, free defragger for Vista!
DoubleTwist An iTunes DRM stripper. More iTune tools: iPod, iTunes, MP3s


VirtualPlastic proceed in customizing your Windows OS - for looks, and a couple of enhanced features.


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