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Most of the material here references guitars, but many of the papers here are pertain to most instruments. We also provide extensive coverage of Health and Exercises for Guitarists, but have relocated it. If you would like to make some intellectual contributions, especially in providing practice/warm-up exercises then please send them to us.

eBooks on the Guitar

The two eBooks below are different.
Guitar PDF This eBook covers: types of guitars, anatomy, buying, buying an amplifier, numerous playing techniques, general guitar theory, alternate tunings, etc. There is a total of 105 pages.
The Guitar

Browse Amazon for some select books:
DIY Guitar Books Guitar electronics, building, effects, and amps
DIY Guitar Electronics Books A very small and select collection of books

DIY for Guitar

DIY Index This is a great resource of links, downloads, PDFs, and htm pages.
Effects Descriptions
The Technology of Auto-Wahs / Envelope-Controlled Filters
DIY Guitar Electronics Books

How Guitar Components Work

Amplifier Basics
Guitar Effects - What They Do
Guitar Effects-Digital
How Guitar Amplifiers Are Used
Guitar Pickups - Different Positions
Guitar Amplifiers - Valves vs Solid State
The Science of Guitar Guitar Amplifier Basics
Guitar Amplifiers - Overdrive & Distortion
Guitar Effects - The Digital Revolution
Guitar Effects - Order & Tips
Acoustic Concepts/Measurement Technique
Understanding Guitar Schematics

The Philosophy of Guitar

by Dr. Jamie Andreas
Natural Talent 
Climb Every Mountain
Your Hand is Your Band: The Importance of Fingering
Your Growth as a Guitarist: Vertical or Horizontal?
Why Should I Learn To Read Music?
Think 10 Times, Play Once!
The Secret of Speed: Finding the Incredible Lightness
The Inner Master
Can I Teach Guitar?
Perfect Intention
Pulling Up The Slack: Mining Your Potential
The Glue of Repetition
The Alexander Technique: Taking Pressure Off Your Body
Changing Bad Habits
Easy Bar Chords
On Memorizing
Attentional Deployment
Changing Chords. Having a little trouble with those "easy" chords?
Review is Required!
Real Life Scenes From Dr. Jamie' Studio: Another Guitarist Brought Out of "Musical Coma"
Teachers Lounge: You Treat a Thing The Way You Define It
Double Trouble
Get the Juices Flowing
Lost In Time
Moving in the Direction of Skill
Review is Required!
Removing The Barriers To Musical Expression
Goalines Not Deadlines

The Guitar

Build Your Own Humidifier
The Electric Guitar: History, Tunings, Pickups, etc.
How it all works! How to: Maintain, Adjust, String, and Tune Your Guitar
Simple Guitar Physics
Strings, Standing Waves and Harmonics
What is a Sound Spectrum?
What is a decibel?
What's In a Pickup?
Guitar Pickups - Tone & Timbre
Guitar Pickups - Different Positions
Guitar Pickups Combinations
How Guitar Amplifiers Are Used
Guitar Amplifier Basics
Guitar Amplifiers - Valve Emulations
Guitar Amplifiers - Valves vs Solid State
Guitar Amplifiers - Overdrive & Distortion
Guitar Amplifiers: Power and Volume
Guitar Effects - What They Do
Guitar Effects-Digital
Guitar Effects - The Digital Revolution
Guitar Effects - Order & Tips
AcousticConcepts/Measurement Technique
Understanding Guitar Schematics

Jazz and Blues Chord Progressions

Composing With the Blues
Jazz: Diminshed Scale Chord Progressions
Chord Progression and Improvisation
Blues Progression 1
Blues Progression 2
Blues Progression 3
Blues Progression 4
Blues Progression 5
Blues Progression 6
Blues Progression 7
A Study in Blues PDF
Study in F, Gm7, C7, F PDF
Study in G, E7, Am7, D7 PDF

Music for Guitar

Below is music in the form of chords. Most are twelve-bar blues, but it will get more difficult as you go down the list. To get the most out of these progressions you should listen to a recording of the song, and find the lyrics...then just strum along.

Stormy Monday PDF
KCs Blues PDF
For Stompers Only PDF
Green Onion Blues PDF
JB Goodes Blues PDF
Minor Jazz Blues PDF
Ms Slows Blues PDF
Twelve Bar Blues in D PDF
Twelve Bar Blues in A PDF
Hesitation Blues PDF
I'm So Glad PDF
Sitting On Top of the World PDF

Strumming Exercises

These are basic strumming exercises that get progressively more difficult. If possible, you should try to spend 15 minutes, twice a day practicing these exercises.

Exercises 1 and 2 PDF
Exercises 3 and 4 PDF
Exercises 5 and 6 PDF
Exercises 7 and 8 PDF
Exercises 9 and 10 PDF
Exercises 11 and 12 PDF
Exercises 13 and 14 PDF
Exercises 15 and 16 PDF
Exercises 17 and 18 PDF
Exercises 19 and 20 PDF

Sheet Music

Ask Me Now
This I Dig of You
Lydian April
What's New
Einstein's Scretary

Practice Pages

Alternate Tunings
Guitar Chord Forms
Music Information
Beginnning Warm-up
Fretboard Warm-up
More Warm-ups
Hammer-on Drills
Pull-off Drills
Combination Drills
Fretboard Intervals
Position Intervals
Blues Warm-up
Pentatonic Scales
More Pentatonic Scales
Pentatonic Stretching
Blues In E
Blues In A
Minor Chords
The Major Scale
Major Scale Tabs
Music Theory
Circle of Fiftths
Augmented Chords
Moveable Chords
Scale Degrees
6th Chords
7th Chords
9th Chords
Diminished Triads
Classical Tablature

Guitar Lessons

Flamenco Guitar Exercises
Acoustic Guitar Magazine Exercises
Guitar Exercises--Strength and Speed
Guitar Speed Picking Exercises
Spanish Guitar Exercises
Francesco Fareri Guitar Exercises
Guitar Scale Exercises
Free Online Guitar Lessons
Guitar Dreams Exercises
Acoustic Guitar Technique
Guitar Notes
Ultimate Guitar Lessons
Folk of the Wood--Acoustic Lessons
The Ultimate Online Guitar Tutor
Jazz Guitar Lessons
Flamenco Guitar Lessons

Guitar Exercises

Lesson #1, 4/21/98-Chromatic Exercises I
Three Chromatic exercises, great warm-ups

Lesson #2, 7/6/98-Steve Morse Pt.1
Eight examples taken from Steve's Exercise

Lesson #3, 7/7/98-Steve Morse Pt.2
Steve's full length Personal Picking Exercise

Lesson #4, 7/19/98 Economy Picking
A study in Economy Picking

Lesson #5, 7/20/98 Chromatic Octave Exercise
A great right hand exercise.

Lesson #6, 7/21/98 Chromatic Exercises II
Four warm-up/stamina building exercises

Finger-Build Riffs
some good riffs to develop speed and strength

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