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Pages of Music, Chords, and Progressions

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All of these pages have been scanned and optimized to increase download time...hence, they may appear a little blurry. Copyright laws have been observed. You may print these pages, but may not sale them. Our goal is to add at least two sheets of progressions and/or sheet music a week.

We are changing how we do this. It is a little more time effective to just create a template, and then write the chords, and time used in playing the piece. The page is then converted to a PDF file, this makes printing the page a little easier. Some of the pages are still in HTML form, but we are converting to PDF. You can help support us by downloading some free software.

Composing With the Blues

Below are links to jazz and blues chord progressions.

Jazz: Diminshed Scale Chord Progressions
Chord Progression and Improvisation
Blues Progression 1
Blues Progression 2
Blues Progression 3
Blues Progression 4
Blues Progression 5
Blues Progression 6
Blues Progression 7
A Study in Blues PDF
Study in F, Gm7, C7, F PDF
Study in G, E7, Am7, D7 PDF

Music for Guitar

Below is music in the form of chords. Most are twelve-bar blues, but it will get more difficult as you go down the list. To get the most out of these progressions you should listen to a recording of the song, and find the lyrics...then just strum along.

Stormy Monday PDF
KCs Blues PDF
For Stompers Only PDF
Green Onion Blues PDF
JB Goodes Blues PDF
Minor Jazz Blues PDF
Ms Slows Blues PDF
Twelve Bar Blues in D PDF
Twelve Bar Blues in A PDF
Hesitation Blues PDF
I'm So Glad PDF
Sitting On Top of the World PDF

Strumming Exercises

These are basic strumming exercises that get progressively more difficult. If possible, you should try to spend 15 minutes, twice a day practicing these exercises.

Exercises 1 and 2 PDF
Exercises 3 and 4 PDF
Exercises 5 and 6 PDF
Exercises 7 and 8 PDF
Exercises 9 and 10 PDF
Exercises 11 and 12 PDF
Exercises 13 and 14 PDF
Exercises 15 and 16 PDF
Exercises 17 and 18 PDF
Exercises 19 and 20 PDF

Sheet Music

Body and Soul PDF
Born to Be Blue PDF
But Blue PDF
Christmas song (Chestnuts) PDF
Days of Wine and Roses PDF
Embraceable You PDF
Here There Everywhere PDF
In a Sentimental Mood PDF
It Don't Mean a Thing PDF
The Girl From Ipanenama PDF
Ask Me Now

This I Dig of You
Lydian April
What's New
Einstein's Scretary


Technical Specs: The material is scanned using a Xerox Documate 510 scanner (a great little workhorse with a sheet feeder, and reasonably priced.) The software used to scan is Corel Paint Shop Pro XI (sorry Adobe Photoshop...but this $59 app puts your $849 app to shame.) We do use Adobe Photoshop for some of the image editing. The images are then optimized with Macromedia Fireworks...this is one of the best optimazation apps available. Take Fireworks and Paint Shop and you save a lot. No need for the home user to throw away all of that extra money on Photoshop when everything could have been done with Photo Shop (yes, even the optimization)...in fact, use the money saved to buy yourself a digital camera, a nice printer, or the Xerox scanner! Currently using Windows Vista Ultimate.


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