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General Brass Sites

The Color of Sound-Learn the terms "bright" and "dark," what bore size has to do with sound, conical versus cylindrical, and what material and weight have to do with the sonics of an instrument.

Schilke Brass Clinic-The Physics of Inner Brass and the Acoustical Effects of Various Materials and Their Treatment Or, in laymans terms: "should I go with lacquer or not, silver or copper, or maybe gold?"

The Metals Our Instruments Are Made Of - Musical instruments and mutes can be made using several different metals. These different metals of course have different characteristics. Here I will discuss two aspects: what percentages of metals the alloys are made of and specific gravity ("weight"; not true, strictly speaking).

The Coprion Bell - The process necessary for producing the Coprion bell was developed by Conn in 1938. It consists of electrolytically depositing COPper IONns (hence the name Coprion) onto a stainless steel precision form accurate to millionths of an inch (so Conn said in its 1959 catalog), creating a seamless bell. Coprion isn't the same as a "rose brass" or "red brass" bell; these are brass bells with a higher copper content. Coprion is 100% pure copper.

The "Feel" of the Bore - What does a player mean when he or she says a bore "feels" "open", "free blowing", "tight" or "stuffy"? I think it is the amount of resistance the player needs to overcome (i.e. air pressure the player needs to apply to the instrument, how hard he/she must blow) in order to pass a certain volume of air through (into) the instrument, and the resulting volume of sound which results from this.

The Subject of Mutes - One of the things that makes playing the trumpet (or cornet or trombone) interesting is that accessory called the "mute". Sometimes also described by members of the trumpet section in my band as "pots and pans". But really, what is a mute, what does it do and what varieties are there?

Brass Resources - Cornet/trumpet fingering charts, and contains links to useful information for brass players ranging from playing tips to instrument construction.

Canadian Brass - Music-passion-joy! Includes information on the performers and music of the Canadian Brass.

Historic Brass Society - The Historic Brass Society is an international organization concerned with the entire range of early brass music, from Ancient Antiquity and the Biblical period through to the 20th century. The history, music, literature and performance practice of early brass instruments such as natural trumpet, natural horn, early trombone, cornetto, serpent, keyed bugle, keyed trumpet, early valve horn, 19th century brass instruments are some of the main issues of concern to the HBS. The HBS publishes the scholarly, refereed journal, The Historic Brass Society Journal, The Historic Brass Society Newsletter, HBS Membership Directory and publishes, in collaboration with Pendragon Press, BUCINA: The Historic Brass Society Series. The HBS also sponsors the annual Early Brass Festival, an activity that features early brass playing sessions, concerts and lectures. The HBS also sponsors other early brass symposia and special study sessions in collaboration with other music organizations such as the American Musicological Society, the International Musicological Society and the Galpin Society. The HBS has also established The Christopher Monk Award.

Hugo Magliocco's Trombone Site - Includes articles on trombone technique, mouthpieces, mutes and useful link sites. A great access tool for the trombone lover.

Robert King Music - Robert King Music Sales is a distributor for brass sheet music. Music for trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, and other brass instruments in all solo and ensemble combinations - solos, duets, trios, quartets, quintets and large ensemble - is available from our catalog, the Brass Players Guide. From an inventory of over 28,000 items any brass musician can easily order currently published music from Robert King Music.

Technique on Raw Brass - Includes useful articles on trumpet technique.

The British Horn Society - Contains useful links to other horn sites.

The Horn Players' FAQ -Domain for Ron & Leslie Boerger, with information about the french horn and community music. The FAQ page covers everything from repertoire lists to repairs and technique.

Trumpet Literature - A great bibliography on books on trumpet method.

Trumpet Studio - Provides an explanation of practicing and skill building for trumpet players.


Baritone Saxophone Links - Links to baritone saxophone players, baritone saxophone ensembles, baritone saxophone articles, and some bass saxophone stuff, too.

DrummerWorld, pictures and sounds of famous drummers in Jazz and Rock - DRUMMERWORLD - famous drummers of Rock and Jazz - Pictures - Videos - Sounds - Bios - Discussionforum

International Archives for the Jazz Organ - Information on jazz organ, organ players, their records, new releases, the jazz organ scene worldwide, articles about the jazz organ, and jazz links,

The Jazz Bari Sax Homepage - Jazz Bari Baritone Sax. Study of the great jazz baritone sax players throughout the years. Chaloff to Mulligan...and all points between.Host-Jeff Neavor

Jazz Baritone Saxophone - History of jazz baritone saxopone and its chief exponents.

The Jazz Guitar Ring - Visit The Jazz Guitar Web Ring Home to learn more about the Jazz Guitar Ring or to surf great Jazz Guitar sites!

Jazz Pianists Network - Promoting the Artistry of Jazz Piano.

Jazz Singers Network - Creating a worldwide web presence for the promotion of jazz singers and their profession. Information on jazz singers. There are links to the websites of jazz singers, recordings, books, a message board and related jazz links.

Jazz Trombone F.A.Q.'s - Jazz Trombone F.A.Q.'s (frequently asked questions)

Jazz-Clarinet.Com - Jazz site dedicated to the clarinet, forum, FAQ, technique, etc.

Jazz-Flute.Com - Jass site dedicate to the flute. Very extensive in its coverage of jazz and the flute.

Jazz-Sax.Com - Jazz Sax.com is a collaborations of two SF Bay area saxophone and woodwind player. The ideas is that this site will serve the interests and skill of ALL saxophonist interest in saxophone, Jazz, and/or the combination of the two.

Mel Martin's Jazz and Saxophone Web Site - A personal web site dedicated to Mel's activities and those of Bebop & Beyond,The Tenor Conclave and his writings, Jazz CD sales online, and events page, Advanced Jazz Workshop schedule, interviews with jazz masters (including RealAudio), tips for beginners, private lesson, lots of links, photos, audio clips, sheet music, recorded songs and exercises. Includes many articles and Jazz Master interviews by Mel and Bob Bernotas.

New Directions Cello Association - The NDCA is a network for the field of alternative or nonclassical cello to encourage interaction and awareness about the contributions cellists are making in many styles of contemporary music.Why is this in a brass section? Why not?

Trombone Page of the World - Wonderful site for the trombone - beautifully produced by trombonist Rene Laanen who has created several fine pages. Be sure to explore his entire resource!!

Rick Wilson's Historical Flutes Page - This web site presents photos of, descriptions of, and information about historical European and American flutes from the renaissance to the 20th century. In addition, we give related historical material about performance practices and report on the author's experiences playing these instruments.

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