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Adjust Your Mac Displays

Marlys Caceres

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to adjust your display/screen settings.

You go to the Apple on your Tool bar and scroll down to System Preferences.


In System Preferences, you want to go to Displays.


On the Display menu you can adjust your screen size. The screen size highlighted is the size currently on your screen. The smaller the screen size the larger the components/icons appear on the screen, and vise versa. You can also adjust the Contrast and Brightness of the screen located at the button of the Display menu.

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This is the fun part. You are probably not going to actually make your screen look like the options here. But it is fun to mess around with. In the Geometry menu, we got 6 setting to choose from. On the Position Setting and Height/Width Setting you have 4 options, to either go up and down, or to either side. On the Pincushion, Rotate, Keystone and Parallelogram Setting you only have 2 options. When you play around with them, I recommend to hold on the buttons for a little bit and look at the screen. If you want to go back to your normal setting click on Factory Defaults.


On the Color menu, if you look down to the right you can custom configure your desktop to get maximum color. Merely click on the Calibrate button and follow the steps for an excellent viewing experience.




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