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Exercises for Musicians

The successful musician is the one who can stay healthy, but staying healthy is not as easy as it seems especially when our instruments force us to assume physical positions more fitting of a contortionist. This page started out a a page of links. I recently received an email from a user who said I had some broken links. Yes, I had broken links, and a page that I thought stunk to high heaven. So, I decided to expand things a bit. This page is concerned with three things: 1) identifying types of injuries, 2) providing resources to pages that will enable one to avoid injuries (exercises and stretching), and 3) providing links to sites that can provide a greater depth of assistance.

You will notice that there are a lot of PDF links. This is because it has become a problem maintaining links to external sites for several reasons. In such cases, TEWM does not take credit for creating the material, but we merely want to provide what we see as a necessary service. We thank all of those who are concerned about the health of others, and our appreciation cannot be expressed enough. If you find a set of exercises that really turns you on, then please pay the "mother" site a visit. We have kept all links in place on all externally generated pages. Enjoy.

Exercise and Stretches

A Ten Point Plan for Fitness to Play
Rotation in Scale Playing
Fitness Fundamentals PDF A good reason as to why you should stay in shape...if you really need one.
Why is it that Musicians Suffer Such an Extraordinary Amount of Physical Discomfort?
Exercise Prescription for Older Adults With Osteopathic Pain PDF Aging is not like a bottle of fine wine. There may be pain.
A Ten Point Plan for Fitness to Play
Exercise Safety PDF
Cycling: Preventing Injury PDF
Dancing - preventing injury PDF
Dog walking - the health benefits PDF
Epilepsy and exercise PDF
Fishing - preventing injury PDF
Fitness centers - how to choose one PDF
Golf - preventing injury PDF
Physical activity keeps you healthy PDF
Running and jogging - preventing injury PDF
Stretches and back care exercises PDF
Exercises in molecular gymnastics—bending, stretching and twisting porphyrins Just a joke friends!
Walking - safety and environmental issues PDF
Exercises for Musicians: Play Fit Not Flat PDF
Mastering Breath Control: Breathing Exercises for Wind Instrumentalists PDF
A Healthy Walk Program PDF Stretches before the walk (best exercise there is!)
Stretching Toward Better Health PDF Nice, simple, yet effective stretches.
Curved Fingers and Tension
Preventing Injuries With Mental Imagery PDF
Preventing Injuries: Dancers and Musicians PDF This is a 135 page document, very comprehensive, and detailed. People Concerned About Tendinitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Other Repetitive Strain Injuries PDF
The influence of the active range of movement of pianists’ wrists on repetitive strain injury PDF
Pilates Exercises PDF
Yoga Poses PDF
Stretching and Flexibility PDF
Essence of Yoga PDF Philosophy
Complete Exercise Guide PDF This is for seniors, but everyone could benefit...besides who doesn't age?
Stretching Online PDF Just don't sit there!
Simple Stretches PDF
ActiveU Stretching Exercises PDF
Copy Machine Stretches PDF Just don't stand there!
Running Injury Prevention PDF For those of you who must run, then make-sure you do it right!
Computer and Desk Stretches PDF Just a matter of doing it...what else are you going to do? Sit there?
Exercise Tips for Seniors PDF
Stretches and Back Care Exercises PDF
Golf: Preventing Injury PDF


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