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External Links Addressing the Health of Musicians

General Exercise Links | Yoga Based Exercise Links

General Exercise

Musician's Health
The American Tinnitis Association
Hearing Education Awareness for Rockers
Tendonitus Problems of Musicians-Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Musician Wellness
Musicians and Injuries
H.E.A.R.--Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers
Body Mapping for the Musician
Performing Arts Medicine Association
The Healthy Musician: Injury Prevention and Intervention
Music Therapy
Performing Arts Medicine at Ithaca College
Musicians Injury Clinic
The International Arts-Medicine Assoc.
Musicians and Health
Electric Blues Guide to Musician Health
Upper Limb Disorders in Musicians
Vocalist--Physical Exercises
Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
Musician Health Education (PDF)
Repetitive Strain Injuries Resource
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Explanation and Prevention
Explanation and Treatment of Trigger Finger
Prevention of Trigger Finger
Exercise Device for Prevention of CTS and RSI
Relieving Hand Fatigue
Don't Play With Pain
How the Harmonica Helps Your Lungs
Practicing Without the Horn
The Effects of Stress on Music Performance
Overuse Injury in Musicians
Playing From Memory
Music technique
Brace guard
Brass Meets Dentistry
Embouchure for Brass Players
Fitness for Brass
Getting An Ear Full
Handbrace for euphoniums
Hearing protection products
The Morgan Bumper
Musculature - its importance in the playing of brass instruments
Musicians and Injuries
What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body
Westone Laboratories, Inc.
Zaja Musical Products

Yoga Based - RSI Yoga

Note: We are using Yoga as a form of exercise and prevention. TEWM does not share the religious views or opinions of any of the sites linked to.

Preventing and Healing

Checklist for RSI Prevention
Full Body Stretch
Forearm wrist twist
Full Body Stretch
Sitting Posture
Opening the Chest
Open your mid-back
Releasing the neck
Release the neck
Torso Twist
Forearm stretch
Stretching the wrist
Stretching the fingers
Stretching the thumb
Saking out tension
Relax eyes & breathe

zNeck and Stretch

Flexion: chin to chest
Active Range of MotionGravity ResistanceHand ResistancePillow Resistance
Extension: eyes to sky
Active Range of Motion
Gravity ResistanceHand ResistancePillow Resistance

Rotation: side to side head turning
Active Range of Motion
Hand Resistance
Lateral Flexion - ear to shoulder
Active Range of Motion
Gravity ResistanceHand ResistancePillow Resistance

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