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Trombone Care and Maintenance

The trombone consists of two main sections: the hand slide and the bell section.

The Hand Slide
The hand slide consists of the inside slide tubes and the outside slide tubes. These are two pairs of 4 tubes which must be absolutely parallel and without dents, bends, twist etc. in order to move freely inside each other. If you bump the slide or twist it out of alignment you will damage the slide and it will not function properly. It will be hard to move freely and will need to be repaired. This is why extra caution will have to be taken to protect the hand slide from any damage.

The Bell Section
The bell section consists of the bell and the tuning slide (not to be confused with the hand slide). The tuning slide tunes the trombone and is something found on all brass instruments.

Assembly Lubricating the Hand Slide
Slide Oil - poor
You can use several things that are on the market. The worst is "Slide Oil". This is basically the same stuff as trumpet valve oil. It sort of works but does not make your slide action very good. It is not adequate lubrication because it may be perfect for trumpet valves but its not thick enough for trombone slides. It actually makes your slide feel like it is not smooth. Avoid using it if possible.Slide Cream and water mix - better
This stuff looks is a liquid mixture of slide cream and water. Its formulated for students who do not want to use cream and a separate water sprayer. The cream and the water is already mixed for them in a convenient bottle they just squirt the slide.Slide Cream and a Water Sprayer - the best
This is the best way to go. This is what experienced and professional players use. You have to buy slide cream in a container. The consistency of this is like face cream. You remove the inside slide tubes of your land slide and put a thin layer of this white cream on only the socking portion of your inside slide tubes. The stocking is the very end of the inside slide tubes and this is an an area of about 10 inches that is slightly larger in diameter than the rest of the inside slide tubes. The stocking is the only part that the slide actually slides on and this is why this is the only are you need to put the cream on. So place a thin coating of cream on all sides of the stocking and then take your water spray bottle and coat the whole inside slide tubes with a generous amount of water spray. It is the water that activates the cream and makes it slippery for a great slide action.

Lubricating the Tuning SlideCleaningImportant Tips

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