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iMovie Tutorial Links

iMovie Tutorial — UCLA Office of Instructional Development
Introduction to iMovie interface plus lessons including: importing video, editing clips, adding effects, adding titles, working with sound, and exporting ...This is the most comprehensive tutorial found on the Web.

iMovie Tutorial 101
Welcome to our FREE video tutorial series for Apple® iMovie® 2. Even though iMovie 3 and 4 have been released, many people continue to use iMovie 2.

iMovie Tutorial
iMovie Tutorial. Through the use of easy-to-follow movies, step-by-step instructions, and helpful tips, you’ll learn the basics of iMovie.

iMovie Tutorial by Media Matters
iMovie Tutorial. 1. The Brief. 2. Basic Editing. 3. Transitions, Titles, Effects. 4. Audio. 5. Graphics. 6. Importing and Exporting.

iMovie Tutorial : University of Vermont
One of the better tutorials.

iMovie Basic Tutorials
iMovie Tutorial 0002 - Cutting and Arranging Clips - This tutorial ... iMovie Tutorial 0003 - Transitions - This tutorial demonstrates how to add transitions.

iMovie Tutorial
iMovie Tutorial:. Apple’s iMovie is an easy to use package that allows professional ... iMovie Tutorial. 2. With the camera or other video source turned on,

iMovie Tutorial

iMovie Tutorial
This tutorial shows how to make a clip look like a Charlie Chaplin era silent film ... For more tutorials and information about iMovie plugins, please visit

Making an iMovie
When you start iMovie for the first time you will hear the iMovie ... If iMovie has been used before the last project will load into the. program.

 Bryn Mawr College - Language Learning Center
This page covers the details of using iMovie 3 as it is specifically set up at most of the video editing stations at Bryn Mawr and some of the basic

 Digital Movie making
A transition is defined in the iMovie tutorial as 'a blending of FRAMES between two CLIPS to smooth a cut. There are many different styles of transitions

Making AMV's with iMovie
Before I start off, I'll tell the things I've used so that you can download these while you read this tutorial. iMovie 4.0.1, this is part of Apple's iLife ...Covers Anime.

 iMovie Tutorial 0004 – Adding Music and Sound Effects
iMovie Tutorial 0004 - Adding Music and Sound Effects. Sometimes, you just need to add a music track, or sound effects to your video!

iMovie Tutorial 5
In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to do blue and green screen effects in iMovie. What is a blue screen composite?

iMovie Tutorial - Jim Ferguson
The video capture, edit, and playback capabilities of iMovie
are truly amazing.

Cropping and Copying a Video Clip in iMovie
Cropping a video clip. When you want to crop the beginning and/or end of an iMovie video clip

iMovie Tutorial
iMovie Tutorial. Version 3.0.1. Hardware Connections and Settings. Here are the correct connections for the hardware. Please ask for help when rearranging

Getting Your Clips Into iMovie
Access the tutorial, click on the Help menu and select iMovie Tutorial. From the iMovie ... The tutorial explains many other features of iMovie such as

 iMovie Tutorial
Mac Tutorial. iMovie ... Importing Digital Video · Exporting Digital Video · Using iMovie Tutorial · iMovie (pdf file)


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